20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

The best camp locations in Fallout 76 are critical for surviving the wasteland’s biggest hazards, and here are 20 places to set up your base and protect yourself from enemies and other players.

As you traverse the barren wasteland of Fallout 76‘s post-apocalyptic Appalachia, you must make a pivotal decision – where to set up camp. Whatever your need, whether a safe haven from radioactive creatures or a stronghold from which you can scavenge resources, the ideal site can make a world of difference.

C.A.M.P. (Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform), sometimes known as camps, are essentially bases or shelters that vault dwellers built in the enormous open world of the game. Furthermore, selecting the appropriate campsite in Fallout 76 is critical for assuring survival and prospering, as well as protecting oneself from other players on the server who like disrupting another player’s progress.

While it might be difficult to navigate the vast open world and discover perfect camping areas on your own, we’ve compiled a list of the top 20 locations to camp in Fallout 76.

Best camp locations in Fallout 76

1. The Wayward

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

The Wayward is one of the first locations you’ll visit as a player.

The Wayward is one of the first settlements Fallout 76 players will visit in the game as it’s located just southeast of Vault 76. The town is full of buildings and NPCs roaming the area. You can set up camp here if you’d like to run a business such as Vending Machines to earn bottle caps.

Furthermore, you’ll also be closer to the river so will have access to water in the area. However, make sure to set up camp defenses and lock your machines so your camp is not invaded by other players or griefers.

2. Ohio River (next to Relay Tower EM-B1-27)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

You can set up camp overlooking the Ohio River which is next to the Relay Tower.

This location is right next to Relay Tower EM-B1-27 on the map and overlooks the Ohio River. You’ll be able to find NPCs here and is a safe forest region that is away from dangerous creatures and functions like a hidden spot away from other players.

The best part about this location is that it’s right next to a river so you shouldn’t have trouble finding water to utilize for your survival. The flat terrain in the region allows you to build structures with ease and is much closer to Vault 76.

So if you’re a Fallout 76 beginner, this can be the ideal location for you to set up your first camp. However, the lack of fast travel points and resources might be challenging.

3. Acid Cabin (near Smith Farm)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

Acid Cabin promises Acid, Phosphate, and Water deposits nearby that you can extract.

The abandoned cabin near an Acid deposit next to the Smith Farm is one of the most underrated locations to set up camp. The spot consists of Phosphate and Acid deposits for you to extract by placing an Extractor over each and is situated right next to a lake.

You can place a Water Purifier alongside the extractors on the lake to replenish your resources or sell to a merchant. Furthermore, the location is right near the Grafton Train Station from where you can easily fast-travel or sell purified water to an NPC there.

However, this location also attracts wild creatures, Ghouls, and other players since it’s widely exposed in the forest. So make sure to build camp defenses and lock your machines.

4. Whitespring Golf Club

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

Whitespring Golf Club is the most expensive location to set up camp.

This is the most visited location in Fallout 76 since it’s a lush golf course with a pond inside and gives players access to water. Located right next to the Whitespring Resort, the golf course is an ideal camp spot for any player since there are lots of flat lands, the friendly robots can help ward off enemies, and is a scenic beauty to spend time in.

However, since it’s popular among players, there’s always a threat of your camp being overtaken by other players and is often nuked by griefers. Furthermore, there are not a lot of resources you can find here to extract or farm.

5. Morgantown Trainyard

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

This trainyard is one of the most resourceful spots on the map.

If you’re a trader in Fallout 76, then this might be the best camp spot for you. Morgantown Trainyard has large pre-built structures and features a ton of resources nearby. You can get your hands on Power Armor, and some of the finest weapons and ammunition in the game from the Trainyard.

However since it’s a pretty resourceful location in the game, it’s often crowded by other players and your camp would always be prone to griefers, unless, of course, you have some camp defenses set up against them.

6. Gilman Lumber Mill

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

You can farm wood and more resources at the lumber mill camp location.

Gilman Lumber Mill is one of the most peaceful locations where you can set up camp in Fallout 76. It requires very little effort and resources from your end to build structures since it already has a few buildings. Plus since it’s a lumberyard you get free access to wood.

Moreover, there are several weapon and ammo workbenches nearby that can help you as you head out to the wastelands. But the only drawback here is that apart from wood and water, no other resources like Iron, Copper or Acid can be found anywhere close to this location.

7. Abandoned Bunker (near Haven Church)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

You can set up camp inside a pre-built Abandoned Bunker near Haven Church.

One of the most useful things about the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 76 is that you can easily find pre-built structures around the map. Among those, this Abandoned Bunker near Haven Church along the Mire is one of the best to set up camp.

You can head inside the bunker and decorate it with your own structures, props, builds, resources, and more. Since this location is right next to a river, you’ll easily find water and can also grow crops in a nearby garden.

However, one of the major disadvantages this brings is that other players might take over your bunker once they see it equipped with your gear. Although you can set up some camp defenses to protect your campsite against scavengers.

8. The Rusty Pick

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

This is one of the most visited places in Fallout 76.

The Rusty Pick is one of the most visited places by Fallout 76 players who want to spend their scrips or get scrips. Purveyor Murmrgh is inside the place and sells Legendary items in exchange for scrips.

Since a bunch of players visit the place, you can set up a Vending Machine containing Stimpaks or even other resources to earn bottle caps. However, make sure to lock your machine and protect your camp device against griefers.

9. Cranberry Bog (next to Camp Venture)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

Cranberry Bog is one of the most scenic, yet dangerous locations on the map.

The Cranberry Bog is one of the most popular locations for Fallout 76 players, primarily due to a stone arch structure pre-built at the spot which offers a creative opportunity for players to turn it into an entryway or a backdrop to their camps.

This location is right next to Camp Venture and oversees the Cranberry Bog biome where you can occasionally spot nukes falling from the sky. The spot is perfect for building structures and is accessible to a train station, river, and more areas for you to scavenge resources from.

However, it is also one of the most dangerous locations since it’s right in front of a forest where Ghouls mostly spawn. So make sure you’re well-armed and have plenty of camp defenses before you plan to set up base here.

10. Cat Cafe (near Welch Station)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

You can turn an abandoned building with a cat nearby into a Cat Cafe.

The Cat Cafe is situated right north of Welch Station. If you’re someone who likes pets in games, you’ll be able to find a cat roaming the area.

Set up camp inside the cafe and wall off the area with structures and you now own a Cat Cafe. The major advantage this location has is that it’s close to the Train Station so you can travel easily around the map and you can pet the cat.

However, there’s not much for you to do here except setting up vending machines to run a business since you can’t scavenge any resources or have access to water.

11. Crashed Plane (near Vault 76)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

Build a camp next to the Crashed Plane to mine precious resources easily.

When you’re starting out with Fallout 76, this is by far the closest location you’ll find to set up your camp. Head to the marked spot next to North Kanawha Lookout and you’ll find a blue and yellow crashed plane there.

Proceed down the cliff until you come across a flat land and deposits of copper and iron on the ground. This location is perfect for you to set up your camp and a couple of extractors and a generator to farm copper and iron bars for you over time.

Furthermore, you can lock your extractors so they can’t be destroyed or looted by other players. However, since there’s no Fast Travel point nearby and your camp might likely be raided by enemies this location is a bit unsafe unless you arm it with camp defenses.

12. Toxic Valley (next to The Crosshair)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

A hill near The Crosshair provides a perfect view of the Toxic Valley and is an ideal camp spot.

Toxic Valley can be found near The Crosshair right between the mountains. You need to climb up the hill until you reach a flat land spot where you can spot the Valley. Once you’re there, the flat land allows you to build anywhere, even along the foothills, or hang it off the cliff to get some more room.

Plus the view from your camp will be breathtaking as you’re able to see half of Appalachia and the height advantage prevents your camp from being taken over by other players or being infested by dangerous creatures.

However, since this location is away from a water body or fast travel points, it might not be ideal for you if you’re always on the run. Nevertheless, it does give you a pretty sweet view in times when you need to relax.

13. Alice in Wonderland (near Tyler County Fairgrounds)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

A sweet easter egg spot, this location provides plenty of resources.

This location is right next to Tyler County Fairgrounds and Anchor Farm and is probably the best one to set up camp if you want to extract crystals in Fallout 76. You can also find a Scavenger NPC there that is overlooking something using their binoculars.

Set up a Crystal Extractor at your camp and mine crystals for a generous payday. Furthermore, you’ll find an easter egg to Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party scene from where you can gather more resources.

Since this location is close to Vault 76, it’s recommended if you’re just starting out. However, the lack of a nearby water body and fast-travel points make it challenging.

14. Large Cabin (near Bolton Greens)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

The Large Cabin near Bolton Greens is the perfect place to set up camp using fewer resources.

Situated right next to the Bolton Greens golf course the Large Cabin is a perfect pre-built structure to claim and make your camp in. Moreover, there’s a ton of room around the cabin for you to build your own structures and customize the place according to your choice.

Since the spot is located right next to the Monongagh Power Plant and a Coal Deposit, you should have no problem scavenging and finding resources. However, the absence of a water body nearby might be a bit of a disadvantage since you’ll need to put in some time to look for one.

15. The Hangman’s Tree

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

This is one of the creepiest spots to set up camp in the game.

The Hangman’s Tree is one of the creepiest and most controversial spots in Fallout 76. As players started spotting the tree with a noose hanging from it, they flagged Bethesda to remove it due to triggering content.

However, some horror fans enjoyed the creepy vibes in the post-war wasteland and started to set up camps here. Soon, players started making boards for suicide prevention and allowed others to set their camps at the spot as well.

Since this location is plainly meant for the breathtaking view, you won’t be able to find many resources here, let alone a fast-travel point nearby.

16. North Cut Throat Camp (near Wendigo Cave)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

This location is away from the usual crowded camps and consists of several NPCs.

This spot is right next to the North Cut Throat Camp and just south of Wendigo Cave. You can get free wood each day, and food and you can build your camp near the shore to place some extra water purifiers to make the most of the location.

Furthermore, you also get a camp ally NPC spawn near the location and a breathtaking view of the mire from high ground. However, since you’re out in the woods you may get attacked by creatures from time to time and the spot is also far away from the nearest fast-travel point.

17. Savage Divide (next to Sacrament)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

Savage Divide is the hill overseeing the Munitions Factory and is perfect to hide away.

Savage Divide is the hill spot near Sacrament and Palace of the Winding Path and is a perfect secluded location to hide away in the woods from enemies. The Fallout 76 location oversees Prickett’s Fort, also known as the Munitions Factory, and enables you to replenish your ammo and weapons quite easily.

However, the lack of water and Fast Travel points nearby can pose a challenge since you need both to survive and travel across the map efficiently. Nevertheless, there’s an abandoned structure in there that provides you with some resources to begin with so you can easily scavenge and build around it.

18. Junk Pile (near Black Mountain Ordnance Works)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

The Junk Pile camp is ideal for extracting junk and water in the game.

This camping spot is right next to the Black Mountain Ordnance Works. Simply head down the road from the River until you spot a Junk Pile. Once you do so, you can place a Generator and a Junk Extractor there to farm junk.

The river bed allows you to place a Water Purifier so you can extract clean water for your own use as well as sell it to NPC vendors at locations like a Train Station. There’s also a Power Armor station nearby so you can get a taste of metal to roam the Wastelands carefree.

19. New Gad (next to Summersville Docks)

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

New Gad is ridden with Super Mutants but is a resourceful spot to camp.

New Gad is one of the most dangerous spots on the Fallout 76 map since it’s ridden with Super Mutants, something a few turrets placed neatly can take care of. It’s a dry lake however includes a large shack in the center, with an armor workbench and a steamer trunk inside, a locked safe, and a cooking station.

You can easily build a camp and structures here, thanks to the flat land, and travel easily with nearby fast travel points. However, the only cons are the frequent mutant attacks and the bleak view might be quite depressing.

20. Thunder Mountain Camp

20 Best Fallout 76 Camp locations ranked

You can build an entire camp on just water at this location.

Thunder Mountain Camp is the only spot on the Fallout 76 map where you can get the most amount of water by building a camp entirely on a lake. The location is right next to the Power Plant and to begin with, you simply need to place your camp on a boat.

Once you do that, build some foundations to set up structures over water. Furthermore, you can also set up as many water purifiers as you want to build a monopoly and earn bottle caps faster. However since water is the only resource here, you’re merely a water merchant and can’t have access to other resources at the location.

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