90 Day Fiancé star’s son exposed for working as a paid actor

90 Day Fiancé star’s son exposed for working as a paid actor

90 Day Fiancé fans discovered that Debbie Aguero’s son Julian B Lin has an acting career in addition to working as a police officer.

Debbie Aguero appeared on 90 Day: The Single Life Season 4, and her son Julian B Lin was skeptical about the men she dated because of her breakup with Oussama.

Julian was protective of his mother due to his job as a police officer, but a 90 Day Fiancé fan on X found out that he also works as a paid actor.

The fan discovered that Julian had a profile on a website called Backstage, which is used for actors who are looking for jobs in the industry.

They also stated that he was on a TV show called Personal Injury Court with his wife, and his episode was related to one of Debbie’s interests. “I was stunned that Miss Debbi has an obsession with Llamas and Juilan appeared on that injury court show as the owner with his wife of a Llama farm,” the fan wrote.

According to Julian’s IMDb page, he has also starred in other series such as MacGyver, Dynasty, The Resident, and Deputy.

Julian played first responder roles on most of these shows such as a Coroner, EMT, and Swat Officer. However, fans are questioning whether he really works as a police officer since he’s also an actor.

“He’s not even a cop. That’s a lie, too. He left the sheriff’s office job a few years ago to open a restaurant,” one fan assumed.

“I’ll wait to pass judgment on not being a cop bc he would be charged for impersonating an officer. He may have taken a leave and returned to the job. He could be a reserve cop etc,” another fan disagreed.

A website called OpenPayrolls confirmed that Julian is a Sheriff Lieutenant in Georgia, so it’s possible that he’s involved in many different career paths.

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