According to TikTok you’ve been eating Airheads wrong your entire life

According to TikTok you’ve been eating Airheads wrong your entire life

Airheads are a nostalgic treat for a lot of people, but TikTokers are saying that you’re missing out on one vital step when you’re eating them.

Airheads are a chewy candy that will likely take you right back to childhood, but you’re probably used to eating the strips of gooey goodness in three or four bites due to their long, flat shape.

Well, according to people on TikTok, you will be today years old when you find out how you’re actually supposed to eat them.

Several influencers, including food blogger Jordan The Stallion, have claimed that you’re supposed to shake the Airhead until it changes into a small cube.

Jordan is known for his content about food secrets and life hacks, and after he tried this trick, viewers were amazed to find that the candy shrunk to a quarter of its size and resembled a pillow.

Jordan even claimed that the ‘white mystery’ flavor Airhead tasted different after he tried this trick, but these Airheads actually taste different from batch to batch so it’s unlikely that you’d ever get two that taste the same. According to Airhead manufacturers, when a run of one flavor is finished, the company may have some candy left over but not enough to produce a full run. It mixes the leftovers from multiple batches and doesn’t add food coloring to produce White Mystery.

People were commenting saying that the action of shaking the candy ‘hurt their knuckles’, and others were suggesting that you can even put the Airhead in hot water to get the same effect.

One user even commented saying: “It’s called pillowing and was common knowledge passed by word of mouth when I was a kid.” Whereas, most people in the comments were just surprised that it actually worked in the first place.

According to another TikToker, the Airhead logo, a small red balloon in the right-hand corner of the wrapper, is an indication of how you are supposed to eat it, because you are meant to shake the candy until it’s the same size as the logo.

According to TikTok you’ve been eating Airheads wrong your entire life

Apparently you’re meant to shake the candy so it looks like the Airhead logo.

Although Airhead manufacturers have not commented on this ‘discovery’ that people are making on TikTok, some candy fans were skeptical stating that if they were supposed to be eaten this way, surely there would be a tutorial on the packet.

A former employee at a factory that produced Airheads did give some insider insight though: “Just so you know, I used I work at the Airhead factory….and this is utter bullsh*t. They’re called AIRHEADS because they’re full of air. You’re shaking out the air.”

This isn’t the only thing about candy from your childhood that you might be shocked to find out. Recently, people were vowing never to eat from candy machines again after finding out what’s inside them.

Are Airheads still in production?

This TikTok trend was prompting people to share that they hadn’t eaten an Airhead in years, and it’s true that this is a candy that is more popular with children. However, back in 2022, there were rumors circulating on TikTok that Airheads were ceasing production until 2024, and this prompted people to stock up on supplies of the chewy candy.

This rumor got so out of hand that Airheads even had to release a statement to dispel any false information.

According to TikTok you’ve been eating Airheads wrong your entire life

Airheads had to speak out against the rumors

Nobody actually knows why this rumor came about, but the good news is that Airheads are still in production so you can still give this new method of eating them a try.

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