Activision release damning statement as over 50k MW3 & Warzone cheaters banned

Activision release damning statement as over 50k MW3 & Warzone cheaters banned

Over 58,000 accounts were officially banned by Activision for cheating in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, as they shut down CoD players claims of “mistaken” permenant bans.

CoD has been at war against cheaters for well over a decade, and in 2021 Activision pack-a-punched their arsenal by releasing a purpose-built ‘RICOCHET’ anti-cheat system. Fast forward to MW3 and Warzone in 2024 and despite constant improvements to its anti-cheat, the fight still reigns on.

Activision had announced just a few days prior in the build-up to Season 3 that they had banned 27,000 CoD accounts, in which they stated Team RICHOCHET “anticipates more ban waves to come.”

On April 10, they revealed they had done exactly that. Another 58,000 cheating players have been banned, bringing the ban hammer total to over 85,000 in a short matter of five days.

An Activision rep provided a statement regarding the bans to CharlieIntel: “Be wary of bold claims made by cheaters trying to sell subscriptions to their wares. #TeamRICOCHET has been launching a series of targeted cheat vendor enforcements, resulting in over 58,000 detected accounts banned yesterday. More ban waves are expected.”

As the waves of bans have continued to flood in during the start of Season 3 for Warzone and MW3, players in the community have complained to the developers accusing them of banning them by “mistake.” This was also fueled by an influx of players who have been using unlock tools, which is a bannable offense.

However, in a further statement given to CharlieIntel, Activision has denied these claims and has confirmed that permanent bans in Call of Duty are final and that there are “no false permanent bans.”

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