Adin Ross accuses Pokimane of being fake and trying to “cancel people”

Adin Ross accuses Pokimane of being fake and trying to “cancel people”

Adin Ross has claimed that Pokimane is not a genuine creator, and that she is always trying to call people out to get them “cancelled.”

On April 15, Adin Ross was featured on Sean O’Malley’s podcast while they were both in Las Vegas to attend the UFC 300 event. Adin sat down with the UFC champ, who is an avid gamer and streamer himself, to discuss various topics about his life as one of the biggest streamers.

During the episode of TheTimboSugarShow, host Ricky Schmitt praised the top Kick streamer for being a genuine person compared to other internet personalities.

Adin responded, putting Pokimane on blast: “It’s fun being genuine, being yourself, because you don’t have to worry about being someone else you’re not, and it always catches up to you. Just like Pokimane. I’ll bring it up and I’ll tell you why. She’s always been the one to point fingers, cancel people, say get them out of here.”

He further explained: “She tried selling cookies for like, $20 or something like that, and she basically was saying ‘you guys got to buy my cookies’ and trying to sell the cookies, and it’s like $20 for regular f**king chocolate chip cookies. So it’s like, whatever bro, be yourself.”

Timestamp: 42:49

Pokimane received various waves of backlash over the pricing of her Myna cookie products from various creators when she made the announcement on November 9, 2023, and then launched them soon after.

Adin Ross had previously stated that he’s cool with Pokimane as she never directly “said some s**t” to him. However, ever since Pokimane’s cookie controversy, they have never seen eye to eye.

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