Adin Ross pleads for Twitch to unban him for one big reason

Adin Ross pleads for Twitch to unban him for one big reason

Adin Ross is pleading for Twitch to unban him, apologizing in hopes they’ll lift his suspension so he can finally collab with the platform’s top stars.

Adin Ross was permanently banned from Twitch in February of 2023, having already repeatedly served several suspensions from the Amazon-owned platform in the months prior.

Since being permanently banned, the 23-year-old has jumped to the new streaming platform Kick — where he’s made a name for himself as the Stake Casino-backed site’s biggest creator.

However, in line with Twitch’s terms of service, Ross is unable to appear on any broadcast on the platform, which has caused a lack of collabs with other streamers.

On April 12, he pleaded for Twitch to lift his ban in an IRL Kick stream, apologizing for his actions that led to the permanent suspension over a year ago. “Twitch, I’m genuinely sorry from the bottom of my heart. Can you please unban me,” he said.

“One more chance bro, I just want to collab with my favorite people. Please.”

It’s unclear if Twitch ever intends to lift the ban hammer. However, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy revealed in late 2023 that the platform is looking into giving permabanned streamers “another chance” before allowing some permanently banned streamers to apply to be unbanned — although with some exceptions.

Not only that, but the platform’s executive has also recently vowed to improve its ban system and provide more transparency to the streaming community.

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