Adventure Time finally gets official RPG through Kickstarter

Adventure Time finally gets official RPG through Kickstarter

Come on and grab your friends and get rolling to raid dungeons, collect loot, and roleplay in the land of Ooo. 

Adventure Time has built up legions of loyal fans across its many seasons, and now this modern animated classic is opening its doors to TTRPG players. A Kickstarter is live right now for Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game, allowing fans to craft their own adventures in this one-of-a-kind world. 

While RPG players may be wondering how the wild and wacky world of Ooo will adapt to the tabletop, the system will, thankfully, be easy to pick up and understand for new players and dice-rolling veterans alike. 

Developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game uses D&D 5e rules as its basis. Adventure Time fans may have expected a more experimental, rules-light system to capitalize on Adventure Time’s particular energy, but the decision makes total sense. Classic D&D has been baked into Adventure Time’s DNA from the very start, with adventuring, dungeons, and even more direct references like the villain The Lich.  

For Adventure Time fans interested in checking this Kickstarter out but unsure of where to start with roleplaying games, fear not. There’s no need to pore through 5e manuals before diving into this game, as the campaign includes Jake’s Shmowzow Guide to Roleplaying Games. This extra book – designed by veteran RPG designer and onetime 5e Executive Producer Ray Winniger – will give you the rundown on all you need to know to start your own adventures. 

At the Kickstarter’s lowest reward tier, you’ll get a print copy of the Core book and a Kickstarter-exclusive copy of Jake’s Shmowzow Guide to Roleplaying Games.

There are five other reward tiers to check out, with the top non-retailer tier packing in the basic tier rewards, plus Adventure Book and Kickstarter tier-exclusive slipcase, Jake’s Guide (KS Exclusive), 3 Character Journals (KS Exclusive), Character Sheets (KS Exclusive), a Dice Set and Dice Bag, a DM Screen (KS Exclusive), a Map of Ooo (KS Exclusive), and an Adventure Twist deck, plus additional stretch goals to come.

The Adventure Time RPG Kickstarter is set to run until May 15th. If you’re a fan of the Cartoon Network classic or a dedicated D&D player looking for a new spin on 5e, be sure to check out this campaign before it closes. 


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