AI Adin Ross imposter is making fans smash their PS5s & TVs

AI Adin Ross imposter is making fans smash their PS5s & TVs

Viral clips have been circulating that show an AI impostor pretending to be Adin Ross. Using the streamer’s influence, they’re convincing his fans to smash their own PS5s, Phones, and TVs.

Following anything going on with Adin Ross can be a bit of a minefield. Recent rumors that the Kick streamer may retire have gone unconfirmed for days and many are wondering if it’s some sort of swindle.

The streamer has been pranked himself a few times but now someone is using him as the centrepiece of their own.

TikTok user johnjam11703 posted a series of videos currently going viral in which they claim to be using a combination of AI and the random video chat app Monkey to impersonate Adin Ross. As a fake Adin Ross, they appear to have convinced several young fans to break high-priced electronics.

In the videos, you can see johnjam11703 allegedly combining archived stream footage and AI voice modulation to create a convincing enough fake Adin Ross. Baiting fans of the Kick streamer they encounter with promises of even better replacements, they convince them to break things like a PS5, an iPhone, and more.

In one video, they convince a child to punch their mounted TV as hard as they can for the promise of $500. They even attempted to get the child to hang off of it “like monkey bars”.

In the most extreme example, they promised one young person a new TV, PS5, and $500 if they broke their PS4. At first, the victim of the prank was uncertain and accused johnjam11703 of being “a f**king liar” but eventually, they threw their PS4 out of a window.

Viewers are split on whether the content is hilarious or heartless. Many TikTok users are calling the content “funny as f**k” while others have called it “evil”.

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