All Fortnite OG Reload quests, rewards & how to complete them

Rishabh Sabarwal

All Fortnite OG Reload quests, rewards & how to complete them

Epic Games

Fortnite’s new game mode Reload brings a bunch of quests for players to complete in the remixed OG island in exchange for free rewards. Here are all the quests and how to complete them to get some freebies.

Fortnite has finally introduced a brand-new game mode called Reload. It has brought back the OG map and weapons to the game, however with a smaller island size and gameplay format. The matches in this mode are centered around 40 players (10 squads) that compete with one another in Builds or Zero Build to be the last squad remaining.

However, you’ll keep rebooting (or respawning) until a member of your squad is alive in the game, hence a team wipe results in team elimination from the match. So to keep the action rewarding, Epic has released specialized quests tailored to the Reload mode that grant you free rewards upon completion.

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Here’s a full list of all the quests and rewards you can get while playing Fortnite Reload.

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All Fortnite OG Reload quests, rewards & how to complete them

Epic GamesYou can also grab the free Victory Umbrella by winning a Reload game.

How to complete Reload quests and rewards in Fortnite

Fortnite Reload mode adds Intro Quests to the game that players can access from the Quests tab in Fortnite while having the Reload mode selected in Lobby. These quests acquaint players with the island, gameplay items, and mechanics that come in handy to survive the Reload matches.

Here’s how you can complete Fortnite Reload Quests and claim their rewards in Fortnite:

Quest Reward
Thank the Bus Driver (5) 20,000 XP
Deal damage to enemy players (5,000) 20,000 XP
Outlast players (500) 20,000 XP
Complete Reload Daily Quests (12) 20,000 XP
Acquire Accolades (10) 20,000 XP
Collect items (25) 20,000 XP
Collect or spend Bars (500) 20,000 XP
Assist or eliminate enemy players (25) 20,000 XP
Travel distance after exiting the Battle Bus (5,000) 20,000 XP
Survive Storm Circles (25) 20,000 XP
Restore health or gain shields (1,000) 20,000 XP
Search chests (20) 20,000 XP
Complete 3 Reload Quests Digital Dogfight Contrail
Complete 6 Reload Quests Pool Cubes Wrap
Complete 9 Reload Quests Nana Bath Back Bling

That’s a complete rundown of all the Reload quests and rewards in Fortnite so far. We will continue updating this guide as more quests get unlocked until the game mode is available.

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And if you want to know more about the Reload mode, we’ve got you covered with all the info right here including the OG map, weapons, and more.

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