All hunter character buffs in Solo Leveling: Arise July 10 update

Josh TaylorAll hunter character buffs in Solo Leveling: Arise July 10 update0Netmarble

Here are all the buffs and nerfs for every hunter character in Solo Leveling: Arise as part of Netmarble’s July 10 update.

Netmarbe’s third major content update has introduced the Fire Mage SSR hunter Yoo Soohyun into Arise along with Sung Jinwoo’s Phoenix Soul exclusive weapon and much more.

With the meta always changing, the devs have also implemented balance adjustments in the form of buffs and nerfs for each hunter character, so here’s everything you need to know about the changes.

Solo Leveling: Arise hunter buffs

There are 8 hunter characters that have received buffs thanks to July 10’s patch, however, no hunters have received nerfs. Interestingly, several top-ranked SSR hunters in our ranked tier list have been given boosts to make them even more formidable.

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One is Cha Hae-In, who has been the best hunter in Solo Leveling: Arise since the game launched. Strong hunters characters we have ranked as A-tier have also received buffs, including Choi Jong-In, Emma Laurent and Silver Mane Baek Yonhoo.

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All hunter character buffs in Solo Leveling: Arise July 10 update

NetmarbleSilver Mane Baek Yonhoo has received several Passive Skill and Advancement Tier damage buffs.

Cha Hae-In

  • The Dancer skill damage increased to deal 412% of Cha Hae-In’s attack, up from 373%.
  • Advancement Tier 1 grants Super Armor effect while Waltz of the Sword effect is active.
  • Advancement Tier 2 now increases Hae-In’s Critical Hit Rate of her Light of the End Ultimate Skill by 2%, instead of just 20% of the Ultimate’s damage.

Choi Jong-In

  • Advancement Tier 2 increases Choi Jong In’s Attack by 10%, up from 8%.
  • Advancement Tier 5 restores the Power Gauge by 0.8% every second while switching hunters, instead of 0.5%.
  • When Team Fight mode is activated, Advancement Tier 5 now reduces the cooldown of the End of Days Ultimate Skill 1.5 times faster and recovers the Power Gauge by 0.4% every seconds.

Emma Laurent

  • Burning Pride Ultimate Skill damage increased to inflict 1777% of Emma Laurent’s Max Health, up from 1555%.

Hwang Dongsoo

  • Advancement Tier 3 activates the Madness effect everytime the Urge to Kill or Greed Scavenger Basic Skills are activated, instead of just Greed Scavenger.
  • Advancement Tier 4 for Dongsoo’s exclusive weapon A Gentle Touch increases Wind Damage by 10%, up from 9%.

Woo Jinchul

  • Suppress Core Attack now grants the Super Armor effect while Woo Jinchul uses the skill.
  • Serious Punch Ultimate Skill increases Movement Speed.
  • Advancement Tier 1 has removed the cooldown penalty that increased it by 1 second.
  • Advancement Tier 3 now lets Jinchul also use the Judgment Special Skill, instead of just a Dash or Extreme Evasion to decrease the cooldown of the Mediation of Power and Iron Fist Basic Skills by 2 seconds and activate his Core Attack.
  • With Advancement Tier 3, when the hunter performs a Judgment Special Skill it activates his Basic Passive Skill and increases its Attack damage to 35%, as well as the duration to 7 seconds.
  • When the Basic Skill Mediation of Power is used with Jinchul’s exclusive weapon Another Level equipped, its damage increase buff with Advancement Tiers 1-5 rises to 5 seconds, up from 3.

Silver Mane Baek Yoonho

  • Passive Skills now inflict Curse fo the Magic Beast effect to targets that are immune to the Bleed effect. This effect deals damage equal to 50% of Silver Mane’s Max Health every 3 seconds over a 30 second duration.
  • Increases the damage of Basic Attack and Core Attacks by 20% when dealing damage to targets who are under the Bleed or Curse of the Magic Beast effect, instead of just Bleed.
  • Advancement Tier 3 Basic Attack and Core Attack damage increase buffs are also applied with the Curse of the Magic Beast, as well as Bleed.

Baek Yoonho

  • Defense Decrease Passive Skill durations has increased to 12 seconds, up from 10.
  • With Advancement Tier 3, when Baek Yoonho uses the Bottomless Pit or White Flame Gale Kick skill it applies the Unlock White Flames effect, instead of just Bottomless Pit.
  • The Damnation QTE Skill damage has been increased, but the devs has not revealed by how much.

Lim Tae-Gyu

  • When Lim Tae-Gui hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, it fires 2 Magic Arrows and deals 60% of his Attack stat per arrow, up from 50%.
  • When Tae-Gyu performs the Shoot and Maneuver Basic Skill, Advancement Tier 3 now activates the Magic Boost effect, which has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

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