Amouranth is dominating 2024 female stream viewership, but there’s a catch

Amouranth is dominating 2024 female stream viewership, but there’s a catch

Streaming sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is the most-watched female streamer of 2024 so far, but that’s only when you include non-Vtubers.

Amouranth is one of the biggest names in streaming, boasting millions of followers across multiple platforms including both Kick and Twitch – and they’ve served her well this year.

According to stats compiled by Streams Charts, Amouranth’s viewers have watched a whopping 5.44M hours of her content through Q1 2024, over 1M more than second-place non-VTuber Kyedae.

However, Amouranth also has substantially more on-air time than most others in the top 10, streaming nearly 1,000 hours. Only IJenz has more with over 2,154 hours of airtime.

When factoring VTubers into the equation, Amouranth drops to fourth overall, sitting behind, Koyori, Miko Ch and Hololive’s Pekora – the latter of whom has amassed 9.52M hours watched so far this year.

Despite being signed to a lucrative Kick deal and primarily broadcasting on the green platform, Amouranth still goes live on Twitch. When looking at average viewership, her Twitch channel squeaks into the top 10 with 6K, a good 12K away from Emiru’s leading 18K average.

Considering Amouranth is streaming on multiple platforms, her numbers get a significant boost. Of those in the top 10, only Rivers_gg also streams on other sites, broadcasting on both Twitch and YouTube.

Amouranth’s rise to top of Kick has been well-documented. In 2023, the streamer soared to become the most-watched female on Kick by a significant margin.

2024 isn’t even halfway over yet, so Siragusa still has time to make a comeback to overtake the VTubers standing in her way of total streaming supremacy. That said, if any of her VTubing rivals start broadcasting on multiple platforms, the challenge may prove to be too much for her to overcome.

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