Anbernic reveals new RG28XX handheld & it’s gorgeous

Anbernic reveals new RG28XX handheld & it’s gorgeous

Anbernic has revealed its newest handheld, the RG28XX, in a YouTube video and it’s gorgeous.

Anbernic has made quite a name for itself over the last few years with its various handheld devices that emulate retro game consoles.

They’ve released PSP-esque horizontal versions with joysticks like the RG35XX H, Game Boy look-alikes like the RG35XX, and more.

Anbernic has provided a first look at the RG28XX, a joystick-free horizontal device that is extremely close to the Game Boy Micro in design.

The clip shows off various colors of the handheld playing different games, revealing that the RG28XX can play up to PSP and Dreamcast.

“Introduction: RG28XX, a retro, exquisite, and compact handheld device, offers a unique gaming experience in four stunning colors: classic retro gray, black transparent, stylish lava orange, and beige white. This machine boasts compatibility with ported games, encompassing over 30 platforms like PSP, NDS, DOS, DC, and more,” they explained in the description.

Anbernic also shared that they’ve added HDMI support — likely the same Mini HDMI you see on the RG35XX — as well as Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless.

They didn’t reveal the exact release date or the price, so we’ll have to wait for that to be announced.

Given the price of Anbernic’s other handhelds like the $50 RG35XX and $68 RG35XX H, though, it’s safe to assume that it’ll be around the $80 USD mark or lower.

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