Apple HomePod discontinued as focus shifts to new product

Apple HomePod discontinued as focus shifts to new product

Apple has officially ditched the original HomePod, and while it wants to focus on the HomePod Mini, rumors hint that a HomePod with a screen may launch soon.

Apple has confirmed that it has discontinued the original HomePod speaker. In its official statement to TechCrunch, the company said it would continue to sell the HomePod via the Apple Online Store, Apple Retail Stores, and Apple Authorized Resellers until the stocks last.

That said, Apple will continue to provide HomePod customers with software updates and service and support through Apple Care; the company now plans to shift the focus to the smaller HomePod Mini.

To recall, the HomePod Mini was released in November 2020, and this $99 Siri-powered speaker ranks among the best smart speakers you can buy.

However, rumors also hint that Apple is working on a new speaker, which means that the original HomePod might have been discontinued in favor of the upcoming smart speaker.

It is expected that a HomePod with a screen might be announced soon. This could be a touch-friendly display with easy navigation and controls. The screen may also display additional information about the songs or podcasts being played or even album covers.

We also reported about a similar product, a smart speaker with a motorized display, sometime back. There is a chance that these might not be two different products. However, Apple, as usual, is tight-lipped, and we do not have any information about the tentative launch date, features, or specs.

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