Are Below Deck boatmances real or staged?

Are Below Deck boatmances real or staged?

Below Deck has various boatmances in the franchise, and a Season 11 crew member confirmed whether the relationships are real or not.

There are many boatmances that form between the yachties in the Below Deck franchise, and viewers might be wondering if the relationships are staged or the show is scripted.

Daisy Kelliher was in a love triangle with Gary King and Colin Macrae on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which caused drama on the show.

Ben Willoughby had a fling with Sunny Marquis on Below Deck Season 11, and dated Camille Lamb last season.

In Ben’s Instagram Q&A on April 16, a fan asked, “Are the romantic relationships on the show real or planted by production?” The Bosun responded, “Real.”

Are Below Deck boatmances real or staged?

While many reality shows have been accused of being scripted, Below Deck features real yachties who work on boats, as well as charter guests who actually pay for their trips.

Since the crew members both live and work in close quarters on the show, there’s bound to be at least one Below Deck boatmance per season.

The boatmances don’t always last after the charter season ends, but they are definitely genuine and not created for the sake of filming a reality show.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET. on Bravo.

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