Asmongold concerned Star Wars Outlaws’ price is setting a “new low” for games

Asmongold concerned Star Wars Outlaws’ price is setting a “new low” for games

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Star Wars Outlaws and its massive price tag.

Ubisoft unveiled $110 and $130 editions of Star Wars Outlaws in a new trailer and the gaming community has been less than enthusiastic about the situation.

In a recent broadcast, Asmongold shared his opinion about the game, explaining that while he would rather have Star Wars games where players take control of a Jedi, Outlaws’ expensive editions are a completely different problem.

“What the hell is a season pass?!” he remarked as he checked out the numerous editions of the game. “They’re paywalling. Even if you pay $70, you don’t even get all the content.”

(segment begins at 9:55)

“You buy the game and there is a mission in the game that is artificially locked, because you only paid $70. Oh my God. Look at the price difference here. $70 vs $110 – what’s the difference here? 40 f**king dollars. That is insane. $40 just to play the game early and have an extra mission and a cosmetic!”

The OTK streamer further suggested that Ubisoft was using high prices to get customers to subscribe to Ubisoft Plus instead.

“This is one of the worst pricing themes I have ever seen. You have day one DLC paywalled by $40,” he slammed. “Guys, single-player early access pre-order day one DLC. Over $100. This is a new low until they release the game after this.”

Given we’re still a few months out from release, Ubisoft still has time to adjust its pricing model for Star Wars Outlaws prior to August 30, 2024, as potential players are already holding off buying it over the cost.

However, if you’re in the market for a new CPU, Intel is throwing in a free copy of Star Wars Outlaws with its 14th gen CPU.

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