Below Deck crew member gets fired after Season 11 charter goes wrong

Below Deck crew member gets fired after Season 11 charter goes wrong

Chef Anthony Iracane was fired on Below Deck Season 11 for his dull food options and lack of efficiency in the galley.

Chef Anthony Iracane has struggled on Below Deck Season 11, from his inability to brainstorm unique dishes for the guests, to his poor timing during meal service.

After talking to the French chef and giving him multiple chances, Captain Kerry Titheradge decided to fire him.

The last straw was when the guests requested lobster grilled cheese and Chef Anthony made turkey sandwiches instead.

Below Deck crew member gets fired after Season 11 charter goes wrong

When the guests left the boat the next day, they expressed their disappointment in the food and gave the crew a low tip.

After the tip meeting, Captain Kerry called Chef Anthony to the bridge. “I think you’re an incredible chef. Your food is absolutely amazing, but you’re starting to kind of nosedive,” he said.

Captain Kerry explained where things went wrong because Chef Anthony didn’t understand. “From the start, crew food was not a priority. The food’s been late, you’re making mistakes and not being prepared.”

“I’m seeing guests not satisfied with elements of what you’re doing,” Captain Kerry added.

“I know I made like a little mistake, but I’m a human,” Chef Anthony responded. “This is not the environment for you, mate. You’re not flourishing here,” the captain reiterated.

Captain Kerry told Chef Anthony that because of the pressures of working on superyachts, the job requires more than just being an amazing chef.

He said that he was doing the chef a favor, and would be setting him up for disaster if he kept him any longer.

Chef Anthony admitted to Chief Stew Fraser Olender that the job was too much for him, and packed his bags.

Captain Kerry’s text messages with a recruiting agency revealed that he hired a new chef, and Show Star News shared that Chef Anthony’s replacement is Nick Tatlock.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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