Below Deck Season 11 star’s post-show plans spoiled by dating app

Below Deck Season 11 star’s post-show plans spoiled by dating app

Kyle Stillie from Below Deck Season 11 was discovered on a dating app on in the US, which could reveal where he ended up after the show.

Kyle Stillie lives in Scotland, but he revealed that he reconnected with family members he’s never met in Montana on Below Deck Season 11, and was hoping to visit them when he left the boat.

Even though the season isn’t over yet, Kyle’s post-show plans may have been spoiled on Reddit. The deckhand was spotted on the dating app Bumble and his location was set to Montana.

kyle on bumble in montana?
byu/Sea_Neighborhood_420 inbelowdeck

On the show, Kyle expressed interest in traveling to the US to meet up with his relatives from a Native American tribe on his mom’s side.

The Below Deck star shared a heartfelt story about the close relationship he has with his mom since his dad left when he was younger.

Kyle is forming a romantic connection with stew Barbie Pascual on the boat, but it seems like their boatmance didn’t last if he’s on a dating app.

Since he didn’t find love with any of the female crew members on Below Deck, his decision to join on Bumble in the US could hint that he moved to Montana long-term.

The Season 11 reunion hasn’t aired yet, but it’s likely that Kyle will confirm his relationship status and current location during the episodes.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET. on Bravo.

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