Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

The Soulslike action-RPG No Rest for the Wicked from Ori developer Moon Studios launches in early access soon, so here are some other games like it you should play.

Moon Studios surprised fans of its Ori series with the announcement of No Rest for the Wicked. Unlike the Austrian studio’s previous games, which were Metroidvanias, No Rest for the Wicked is a gritty action RPG that draws inspiration from Soulslikes and the A Song of Ice and Fire franchise.

The game enters early access on April 18, 2024, with a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S version planned for a later date.

Whether you want something to play while you wait for the full game’s release or you’re looking for what to play next, here are some action RPGs that No Rest for the Wicked players will also enjoy.


Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

If you’re looking forward to No Rest for the Wicked, odds are you’ve probably already played Bloodborne. Regardless, this list would be incomplete without mentioning it. Bloodborne is widely considered to be among the best games ever made, and for good reason.

Everything about Bloodborne from its fast-paced combat to its gothic Victorian era-inspired setting has become beloved by fans since the game’s 2015 release. It’s really no wonder why players are so eager for news of a remaster or remake, even if that doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.

Monster Hunter World

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked’s developers have also cited the Monster Hunter series as an inspiration for their game, likely thanks to its deep combat system that pits players against massive and frightening bosses. The series’ latest mainline game is Monster Hunter Rise, but its predecessor Monster Hunter World remains the more popular option.

Monster Hunter World’s longevity is clear, with its player count remaining relatively high to this day. Those numbers have been bolstered in recent months following the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds, which is slated to release in 2025.

Mortal Shell

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

A fellow indie Soulslike, Mortal Shell should scratch the same itch as No Rest for the Wicked. Both are dark, atmospheric and action-packed games that draw clear inspiration from Dark Souls and were made by a smaller team.


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Mortal Shell isn’t as universally beloved as games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, with some criticizing its short length, lack of variety, and lower difficulty level compared to other games in the genre. Still, there’s plenty to like about the game, and that difficulty could make it a good starting point for players who want to get the hang of the genre before jumping into a more punishing experience.

Diablo 4

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

Since its announcement, No Rest for the Wicked has been compared to Diablo 4 thanks to its grimdark fantasy setting and similar gameplay elements. Reception to the game has been mixed and, as an online game with seasons, players’ feelings on it have shifted back and forth since its June 2023 release.

Fortunately, Diablo 4 is having a moment right now thanks to a successful Game Pass release and excitement surrounding Season 4, which starts on May 14. With players cautiously optimistic for the game’s future and plenty of new content coming soon, now is a great time to get into Diablo 4.

Path of Exile

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

Dark fantasy action RPG Path of Exile is another great choice for No Rest for the Wicked fans, and it has the bonus of being free to play. You play as an exile sent to a cursed land who’s forced to fight and work with other exiles to survive. With plenty of character-building options and over a decades-worth of content, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Since Path of Exile released in 2013, developer Grinding Gear Games has made over 30 expansions, with the most recent one coming out just last month. Even with the long-awaited sequel set to enter closed beta in June, the devs plan to continue supporting and adding to the original Path of Exile, so you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

Lies of P

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

2023’s Lies of P has to be among the best Soulslikes not made by FromSoftware itself, making it a perfect choice for those interested in No Rest for the Wicked. Its concept alone is compelling, being a retelling of Pinocchio in which the player must fight through the city of Krat, taking on puppets and humans alike while deciding whether to tell some lies along the way.

A brutally difficult game, Lies of P has been praised by Soulslike veterans and newcomers to the genre alike. Plus, with DLC in the works and a likely sequel teased at the very end, it seems like Neowiz Games is just getting started.

Darksiders Genesis

Best action RPGs like No Rest for the Wicked

The Darksiders series shares its tone and holy warrior-theming with No Rest for the Wicked, and the latest game in the series, Genesis, even has the top-down perspective in common with Moon Studios’ upcoming title. Each game in the series has players taking control of one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as they try to bring balance to a world torn apart by a war between Heaven and Hell.

A spinoff prequel to the rest of the series, Darksiders Genesis follows Strife and War as they try to save humanity from Lucifer. You can swap between the two playable characters whenever you want or play co-op, allowing you to enjoy the game with a friend. Darksiders Genesis’ main story clocks in at around 14 hours, which is relatively short for the genre – something that may be a breath of fresh air for gamers tired of long and bloated RPGs.

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