Best weapons in Fallout 4

Best weapons in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 allows players to choose from a plethora of weapons to be able to survive the vast wastelands of the Commonwealth. Here are some of the best weapons in the game.

Like other RPGs, Fallout 4 allows you to tackle the game in a variety of ways. As you progress in the game, you unlock new weapons and choose the build that best suits you. However, it might be difficult to stick to one weapon especially when the game has such a diverse set to offer.

These weapons range from throwables to literal alien blasters. It might prove difficult to choose the right weapon when you have such a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal so we have compiled a list of the best weapons Fallout 4 has to offer.


Spray N’ Pray

Bonus effect: Bullets explode on impact doing +15 area of effect damage.

The Spray N’ Pray is a legendary submachine gun that deals a hefty amount of damage and the cherry on top is the gun’s bullet-exploding effect which gives you additional damage for every shot you take.

This weapon can be acquired from Cricket the wandering merchant, who is hard to keep track of. However, you can wait at the entrance of the Diamon City Market as indicated on the map above.

The Problem Solver

Bonus effect: Increased damage after each consecutive hit on the same target.

The Problem Solver is a rifle part of the Nuka World expansion. If you like emptying clips on enemies, this weapon will be your cup of tea. The damage for each hit keeps increasing by 15%, making it a good choice if you want to shoot your enemies down from a distance.

To get the Problem Solver, you need to start the Ambitious Plan quest given by Mason in Nuka-World. You will then need to pass a Charisma check with him and only choose aggressive and assertive dialogue choices when you speak with him. You can check the map for where to find Mason in Nuka World.

Alien Blaster pistol

Bonus effect: No bonus effect

The post-apocalyptic wastelands of Fallout 4 aren’t just restricted to minuscule rifles and SMGs. You can go to a UFO crash site and loot this weapon off of an alien body. Shooting this weapon feels really cool as your character shoots blue energy rays that vaporize your opponent. The only drawback is that the ammo for this weapon is quite limited and its accuracy suffers in long-range combat.

To get this weapon, go to the cave to the north of the UFO crash site as seen on the map above. The crash site is east of Oberland Station. Look for the burning trees to find the broken-down UFO. Once there, follow the trail of blood into the cave and kill the alien to obtain the Alien Blaster.

Overseer’s Guardian

Bonus effect: Shoots an additional projectile.

The Overseer’s Guardian is a unique variant of the combat rifle that can be obtained pretty early on. The two-shot effect of the Guardian shoots an additional projectile with each shot you take, making the combat satisfying while also dealing a hefty amount of damage.

You can buy this gun from Alexis Combes in Vault 81 as indicated by the map above.

Big Boy

Bonus effect: Shoots an additional projectile.

The Big Boy is a unique variant of the Fat Man, which is quite an apt name for an explosive weapon that uses Mini Nukes as ammo. With so many rifles and SMGs on the list, this is an explosive weapon you need to have in your inventory. Additionally, you can add the MIRV Launcher mod to make the Big Boy shoot 12 mini-nukes while only consuming one, which can deal a lot of damage.

The Big Boy can be purchased from Arturo in the Diamon City Market from a shop with a yellow banner called the Commonwealth Weaponry.


Bonus effect: Improved VATS hit chance, 25% less Action Point cost.

The Deliverer is one of the best pistols of Fallout 4 with a suppressor attachment. You can also get rid of the attachment if you want, which adds recoil but also increases the weapon range. Paired with its improved VATS hit chance effect, this pistol is a fantastic addition for players who use the VATS effect.

The easiest way to get this weapon is to head to the Old North Church and make your way into the catacombs. You will then come across a bronze spinning letter plate with the words Boston, the Freedom Trail engraved on it. Interact with the puzzle to spell out the world, R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D.

Doing so will open a door, allowing you to speak with Deacon an unlock a quest called the Tradecraft. Once you finish the quest, Deacon will give you the weapon.

Final Judgment

Bonus effect: 25% faster fire rate and 15% faster reload

If the Big Boy or the Alien Blaster doesn’t satisfy your over-the-top weapon needs, then you might need a Gatling laser gun. Not only does the weapon have an incredible fire rate, which paired with its weapon effect increases further, but using the weapon feels really cool as you get to tear your enemy to shreds with laser projectiles.

You can acquire the weapon by killing Arthur Maxson and looting his body during the quests Airship Down or the Railroad quest Precipice of War. When paired with strong Power Armor, the Final Judgment is perfect for a heavy build.

Nuka-Nuke Launcher

Bonus effect: No bonus effect

Another weapon included with the Nuka World add-on, the Nuka-Nuke Launcher similar to the Big Boy is a Fat Man nuclear weapon. Not only is this one of the most powerful weapons in the game, but it shoots Nuka-Nuke which deals 50% more damage than its base variant. You can even upgrade its damage to go beyond 1000. While its reload time might prove to be a hassle, the Nuka-Nuke is perfect for taking down buffed-up enemies such as the Super Mutant Warlord.

You can find this weapon in a vault below John-Caleb Bradberton’s office in Nuka-Town. However, you need to complete the side quest Cappy in a Haystack siding with Bradberton over Sierra to obtain this weapon.

Never-Ending Double-Barrel Shotgun

Best weapons in Fallout 4

Bonus effect: No bonus effect

The Never-Ending Double-Barrel Shotgun is a legendary variant of the Double Barrel Shotgun. You can use this weapon to deal a huge amount of damage. Consider it a gun with the damage of a shotgun without its clumsy and time-consuming reload time.

There’s no sure-shot way to acquire this weapon, as the only way you can get legendary weaponry in the game is by taking down mini-bosses.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the best weapons in Fallout 4. Check out our other guides below:

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