Boeing report reveals ‘flying cars’ plan in the works

Boeing report reveals ‘flying cars’ plan in the works

A new report has revealed that Boeing wants to enter the ‘flying car’ business by 2030.

NikkeiAsia recently sat down to talk to Boeing’s Chief Technology Officer Todd Citron, who revealed that the company has plans to expand into making ‘flying cars.’

They’re not going to look like the same cars we have on the roads, though, as Boeing is working with a different brand to develop an “electric vertical take-off and landing craft.”

The article from Nikkei shares a photo of what the craft could look like, and it largely just looks like a modified helicopter. It has multiple props on the top and presumably one on the back to help control the tail.

Boeing wants to get certification for this in the US sometime in the next few years and then expand the project to Asian countries.

This all comes just weeks after Boeing began coming under fire for several issues with its airplane quality.

Back in January 2024, an Alaskan Airlines flight using a Boeing 737-9 MAX failed as the door plug — a part to cover where the second door is on some models — flew off of the side of the plane while it was in the air.

The company is actively working on making sure things like that don’t happen again, but frequent fliers are still quite weary about getting on one of their planes.

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