Boruto and Kawaki’s tense battle teased in Chapter 9 spoilers

Boruto and Kawaki’s tense battle teased in Chapter 9 spoilers

Boruto Part 2 Chapter 9 spoilers tease Boruto and Kawaki’s upcoming tense battle.

The spoilers of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 are finally out, and they give readers a glimpse of the upcoming battle between Boruto and Kawaki. With Boruto returning to Konoha and Kawaki determined to get rid of him, it was only a matter of time before the two clashed.

In Chapter 9 spoilers, Boruto returns to Konoha after learning that new enemies have invaded the village. Kawaki, on the other hand, had an encounter with the said enemies. In Chapter 8, he stood up against Jura and Hidari, only to be effortlessly defeated by Jura.

Boruto Part 2 Chapter 9 has Kawaki waking up as Boruto returns to the village. This leads to the two “brothers” finally coming face-to-face with each other. There is a tense conversation between them before Kawaki starts attacking.

Boruto seemingly dodges Kawaki’s chakra rods and later punches him on the stomach and pushes him away when the latter attacks him with Big Hand. Without wasting any more time, Kawaki activates the first version of the karma. And this time, so does Boruto. However, before things get too ugly, Boruto’s karma neutralizes Kawaki’s and he leaves. 

The brief encounter between the two makes it clear that Boruto is currently stronger than Kawaki. It’s true that Kawaki has incredible potential and in the future, he’ll demonstrate some crazy powers. But so far, Boruto has shown more development than him, both in power and character.

Boruto and Kawaki’s battle is the most anticipated event of Boruto Two Blue Vortex and their dynamic is the core of the manga. Chapter 9 gives readers a peek at what to come next and what to expect the next time these two main characters clash.

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