Boruto Part 2 Chapter 9 teases old character’s comeback

Boruto Part 2 Chapter 9 teases old character’s comeback

The upcoming Boruto Part 2 Chapter 9 teases the comeback of an old character to the story.

Boruto Two Vortex will return with its newest Chapter 9 today. The chapter’s spoilers reveal many shocking twists in the story, with some of its biggest moments including Himawari finally unleashing her true powers and Boruto and Kawaki’s tense battle.

There is another surprising detail that hints at an old character’s comeback in Boruto. At the beginning of Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9, Boruto and Kashin Koji are seen in an uninhabited location. The panels show some stone snake statues in the background.

Similar snake statues were previously seen in Orochimaru’s hideout when Naruto and Sasuke, along with Sarada, Chocho went there in Boruto Part 1. This little detail hints that Orochimaru might return to the story once again.

Boruto and Kashin Koji being at Orochimaru’s hideout could also mean that they have been in contact with one another during the three year timeskip. Orochimaru is a man of many surprises and he could very easily aid Boruto during that time.

There are many connections between Boruto and Orochimaru that support this theory. Orochimaru was once Sasuke’s master who is Boruto’s master in turn. Boruto is also the best friend of Orochimaru’s son, Mitsuki. Naruto and Orochimaru also have an extensive history, though mostly negative.

Another hint that Boruto might be in contact with Orochimaru during the timeskip and the legendary Sannin can make a comeback is in Chapter 8. In that manga chapter, Boruto encounters Mitsuki after three years. Even though Mitsuki has forgotten Boruto, the rogue ninja tells Mitsuki to come find him and he knows where to look.

Orochimaru’s comeback in Boruto will be an unexpected but intriguing turn of events. It’ll also be the second-most shocking comeback in Boruto Part 2 so far after Kurama comes back in the same chapter.

Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 9 will be released on April 18, 2024 at 7am PT. With so much stuff to uncover in the latest chapter, make sure to stay updated with the Naruto and Boruto universe — our take on Boruto vs. Kawaki and the guide on Naruto episodes will help you with that.


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