Boruto Season 2 will learn a valuable lesson from Demon Slayer

Boruto Season 2 will learn a valuable lesson from Demon Slayer

Boruto Season 2 may end up learning a valuable lesson from Demon Slayer, according to a recent statement by Studio Pierrot’s president.

Boruto Season 2 is one of the most anticipated anime out there. However, there have been no details released bar its official confirmation from the studio. Finally, fans have been given a little tidbit about the anime, thanks to a new statement by Studio Pierrot president Michiyuki Honma.

In a recent interview, Studio Pierrot’s president discussed how the massive success of Demon Slayer revolutionized the anime industry. He noted that the structure of Demon Slayer as a seasonal anime with fewer episodes, a big budget, and high-quality animation has inspired the studio’s views on how a successful anime can be made.

“Before and after Demon Slayer was announced, I really felt that we had to change the way we create things. Furthermore, other studios were releasing high-quality works on a similar scale and in Japan there was an environment where these could be watched on commercial television,” he said.

The positive reception to Demon Slayer has shown that fans would rather wait a long time for a season of their beloved anime than get continuous episodes with low quality. Studio Pierrot is known for its long-running anime series, such as Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Boruto, and Black Clover.

However, every one of them suffered from having too many filler episodes and are heavily criticized for it. But the studio president admitted that Demon Slayer has been a necessary lesson for them.

They shared that the studio experimented by airing Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War in separate seasons and cours. The wildly positive response Bleach got inspired them to follow the trend in the future. Studio Pierrot’s new anime, The Crow Doesn’t Choose Its Master, is following the same pattern.

The studio president announced that the future projects of Studio Pierrot as well as the projects on hiatus, will also be released in seasons. That means Boruto Season 2 will not only return but will also be aired as a seasonal anime.

This is huge news for the Boruto fandom who have been eagerly waiting for the second season. With fewer Boruto episodes, the quality of the overall anime is expected to be better. And coupled with the events of Boruto Two Blue Vortex, Season 2 is sure to be a treat for fans.


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