Boston Dynamic’s new robot wows the internet with flexible movements & futuristic design

Boston Dynamic’s new robot wows the internet with flexible movements & futuristic design

Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new humanoid robot with insane movements, and the internet is amazed.

Boston Dynamics has bid adieu to Atlas, the humanoid robot known for its dance sequences and unsettling backflips, and has welcomed its electric version.

In a video posted on YouTube, Boston Dynamics introduced the all new Atlas, showcasing what the new humanoid can do. It has a leaner design than its predecessor and is a lot more flexible. The video shows the robot’s full 180 movements and futuristic design that has amazon folks on the Internet.

In an X post, YouTuber Marques Brownlee said “Boston Dynamic just unveiled their newest Atlas robot. This is not a render. Oh my god.” It’s giving “call an ambulance… but not for me,” he said.

“Looks like it came straight out of Fallout,” said tech creator Nathie, implying its resemblance to the robots in the video game series Fallout.”

You can tell these things are going to take over humanity; this is scary,’ wrote an X user in response to a post on Dexerto’s X handle.

“We are unveiling the next generation of humanoid robots—a fully electric Atlas robot designed for real-world applications. The new Atlas builds on decades of research and furthers our commitment to delivering the most capable, useful mobile robots solving the toughest challenges in industry today,” wrote Boston Dynamics in the YouTube video’s description.

The new Atlas Humanoid is indeed an interesting innovation that gives up on the big and bulky design seen on the older Atlas models. The robot has flexible movements, three-fingered hands, and a round head. Atlas doesn’t try to match human capabilities. Instead, it does things that are beyond human capabilities.

Boston Dynamics suggests that the robot is built for “real-world applications,” but the exact areas where it will be beneficial are still being explored. In the past, the humanoid robot was designed to assist emergency services in tasks like search and rescue missions, including opening doors and operating equipment in places too dangerous for humans.


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