“Broken” Warzone rifle dominates like SMG thanks to one attachment

“Broken” Warzone rifle dominates like SMG thanks to one attachment

There is a “broken” battle rifle in Warzone that can dominate like an SMG thanks to one attachment, and one CoD expert absolutely loves it. 

Over the last few years, Warzone has had its fair share of broken weapon meta. The Gallantry MAC-10 blueprint still strikes fear into players whenever it is mentioned, and the DMR still keeps some players awake at night. 

The Modern Warfare 3 integration with Warzone has had a handful of overpowered weapons as well, with a few of these coming as a result of the new Aftermarket Parts. Some of these new attachments have been seen as “pointless” in different situations, but there are others that give massive bonuses to overlooked weapons. 

That is the case with the JAK Heretic Carbine conversion kit and the MTZ-762, which Warzone guru TheKoreanSavage believes is a “broken” option moving forward in Season 3. 

“It adds 53% to the effective damage range, which is insane. It adds a huge 43% horizontal recoil control bonus and pretty much turns a battle rifle into an SMG, or, I guess, the AMAX,” he said. 

“The only downside is the bullet velocity, but you don’t really need that if you’re using it as an SMG,” the YouTuber added, noting that he uses MTZ-Precision Blackthorn Barrel to bring the bullet velocity back up anyway. 

As noted, the MTZ-762 has gone under the radar a little bit in the last few weeks, especially as battle rifles have slightly slipped away from the meta conversation. 

So, it’ll be interesting to see if this conversion makes its usage pick up a bit.

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