Captain America 4 McDonald’s toy leak reveals first look at rumored villain

Captain America 4 McDonald’s toy leak reveals first look at rumored villain

A McDonald’s toy leak for Captain America 4 may have outed the rumored villain and other characters featured in Brave New World.

Disney and Marvel have shared information about Captain America: Brave New World piecemeal. It’s not too surprising, though, given that the long-awaited film won’t hit theaters until 2025.

Still, MCU fans remain as eager as ever to learn what challenges Sam Wilson will face in his first solo turn as the Captain. Interestingly enough, a toy leak just let loose a few noteworthy details.

Instagram account Colecionaveis_FastFood recently uploaded a video featuring a poster of McDonald’s Brazil’s next Happy Meal collection theme. The theme revolves around Brave New World, with the collection set to feature eight different toys modeled after various characters from the film.

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Two of the toys depict Sam in his upgraded Captain America suit, one with his wings unfurled while the other has them tucked away. Another pair of Captain America-specific toys will come in the set, but most interesting are the other characters shown.

The image offers the first glimpse at Joaquin Torres in his role as the new Falcon. Red Hulk also appears, alongside a first-look Ruth Bat-Seraph – a mutant and Israeli superhero who goes by the codename Sabra. Lastly, the toy leak reveals Diamondback, a classic Captain America rogue with deep ties to the villainous Serpent Society.

Red Hulk’s appearance in the selection will raise the most eyebrows. He’s been rumored for some time, considering Harrison Ford’s character, Thaddeus Ross, has transformed into him in the comics. It’s unclear how he’ll fit into the grand scheme of things in the MCU.

Red Hulk’s played the part of villain in the past, before taking a turn towards the anti-hero route. How such a villain-to-hero turn may play out in Captain America 4 is anyone’s guess.

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