Chic-fil-A customer goes back to the store over insane shape of her chicken nugget

Chic-fil-A customer goes back to the store over insane shape of her chicken nugget

A woman who ordered a serving of nuggets from Chick-fil-A was given quite a surprise after she unpacked her order and has gone viral thanks to one of the shapes.

In a video that amassed over 1 million views on TikTok, a woman who goes by the name Star shared a short clip of her most recent order. 

Lasting only 26 seconds, the TikToker gave a close-up of one of the chicken nuggets she claimed was packed inside. 

“Yeah, one thing I don’t play about is my food, because what … is this?” she said, pointing the camera to the nugget in question, which looked totally different from all the others. 

After she posted the video on the platform, people couldn’t wait to weigh in with their thoughts surrounding the food item. 

“It’s an armadillo,” one joked, while another said, “At first I thought it was a dinosaur and I was like how cool! Now I’m like ‘omg it’s a mouse.’”

The video became so popular, that Star was prompted to film a follow-up video, where she discussed returning to Chick-fil-A with the nugget in hand. “I went to Chick-fil-A today and they actually told me it was just the batter,” adding that the staff laughed about the unusual nugget. She also said that it was “all good” because they gave her a free meal.

Back in 2021, a Chick-fil-A employee revealed the extensive process behind the production of its chicken nuggets. 

First, the diced chicken breast pieces are removed from the refrigerator. Then, they are splashed with a milk-and-egg wash until thoroughly coated. Next, they are tossed in seasoned flour for breading, with the excess shaken off in a sifting pan. The final step is where it all comes together: They are coated in breadcrumbs, and then submerged into hot peanut oil. The pressure cooker does the rest.

This isn’t the first time that fast food customers have been given unusually shaped items. Back in March, a woman ordered a bagel from Dunkin,’ and people said that ‘nothing could have prepared’ them for what they saw.

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