CoD pacifist returns to MW3 and reaches 10th Prestige without killing once again

CoD pacifist returns to MW3 and reaches 10th Prestige without killing once again

A now iconic CoD pacifist has returned once more to MW3 and has reached the 10th Prestige without killing once again for the fourth installment in a row. 

To get 10th Prestige in MW3 may not be as hard as it once was in previous installments, however, it still is a marker of a player who worked their tail off to obtain it. 

But what about getting 10th Prestige without killing anyone? For one CoD pacifist, they pulled it off without a hitch. In fact, it wasn’t even their first time around. 

Even pacifists can reach 10th prestige.
byu/Pilgore1 inModernWarfareIII

Reddit user Pilgore has once again returned to CoD’s latest installment, MW3, and stuck true to their pacifist playstyle, reaching 10th Prestige all without murdering an opponent in cold blood. 

With a total of three days, three hours, and 17 minutes of multiplayer logged, with 486 games played, they managed to reach level 500. And to truly prove they weren’t lying, Pilgore really does have a K/D Ratio of 0.00 and a surprising win ratio of 3.91. 

So how did Pilgore pull it off once again? “Small map moshpit + double XP. I was flyin’,” Pilgore told a commenter. In fact, Pilgore said they’ve never had any itch to shoot an opponent as they have “way too much patience.” 

Pilgore has been doing this since Black Ops: Cold War when a friend joked they couldn’t get Prestige with zero kills. As it would turn out Pilgore very much could, and has been for the past three years in four different installments. 

So when the next CoD comes out later in 2024, we can’t wait for Pilgore to once again claim his CoD pacifist crown. 

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