Comedian jokingly mocks pregnant wife’s walk and the internet loves it

Comedian jokingly mocks pregnant wife’s walk and the internet loves it

While shopping for their unborn baby, a comedian began mocking his wife’s pregnant walk, and the internet loved every second of it.

Comedian and TikToker Dapper Laughs shared a video with his 1M followers of his pregnant wife walking through a department store.

While recording, the comedian jokingly mocked his wife’s waddling walk, saying she looked like she was going to “kick the granny out of someone.”

Though his wife didn’t intend to intimidate others, as she was walking as comfortably as possible while pregnant, he continued to make fun of her.

“Why do women walk like they’re about to start a fight?” he asked in a text overlay on his now-viral TikTok, which has reached over 2.8m views and counting.

He even told his wife he didn’t want “any trouble” and to not “shoot” as she showed him something in her hands that she had picked out.

Viewers of the comedian’s TikTok have since responded by laughing and relating to his commentary. “It’s a level of discomfort you can’t understand unless you’ve lived it,” said one viewer with a laughing face emoji.

“Comedian’s wives must be stressed 24/7. Love your stuff bro never fails to produce,” said another.

One viewer even joked about the comedian’s wife coming after him, as she simply looked miserable from the discomfort. “You were 2 breaths away from finding out,” they said.

Though the comedian was persistent with his jokes, his wife was a good sport and continued with her shopping without a fuss.

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