Controversial avatar changes aside – Pokemon Go crushed one QoL update

Controversial avatar changes aside – Pokemon Go crushed one QoL update

Pokemon Go’s avatar and recent quality of life changes have been a huge point of contention for thousands of players – but it’s hard to deny that Niantic didn’t perfect one QoL feature.

From questionable avatars, odd buddy glitches, calls for new toggle features, and countless crashes, it’s clear Niantic’s aim to ‘reinvent’ Pokemon Go’s interface hasn’t exactly gone well. Naturally, such additions have left the community extremely angry. After all, what the game needs is more Pokemon, new inclusive events, and ways to reinvent the thrill we all got when the game was first released rather than new avatars that don’t please anyone.

However, despite all the questionable updates, there’s one element Niantic has absolutely crushed – the new and improved catch backgrounds.

Boasting stunning themed backgrounds, players are now looking at beautiful flowers, detailed trees, lit-up buildings, forests, and so much more. Just one glance at these creations and it’s hard to not fall in love with their design. It’s a world away from the simple green hue for grass and the singular tree many are used to.

Initially, the implementation didn’t go too well, with many reporting various crashes and glitches with the new backgrounds, namely the added strain on the player’s phone memory, incessant lag, and increased battery drain.

However, in the recent surge of changes, most of these issues seem to have been rectified, with many now able to join in on the beautiful new designs, although some are still reporting the occasional lag.

The new backgrounds are undeniably gorgeous and help add more immersion to your Pokemon Go adventure. On top of this, they mark a turning point in the game’s future, proving that Niantic is doing all it can to help make the game aesthetically and mechanically perfect.

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