Could we see Mega Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

Could we see Mega Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Z-A?

Mega Evolutions have been a hot topic in the Pokemon community since the Legends Z-A reveal. Could we see Mega Eeveelutions next?

Since the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A, Pokemon players have been ecstatic about the return of Mega Evolutions. Despite some questionable lore points surrounding this mechanic, it remains one of the most popular game features to this day.

Fans have been trying to fill the time from now until Legends Z-A launch day by speculating about which Pokemon should get Mega Evolutions. It’s unclear if there will even be new ones or if we’ll just see returning Megas, but it seems likely that at least a handful of ‘mons will get the Mega treatment.

If you spend any time browsing Pokemon communities online at the moment, you’ll see that one of the most commonly requested Megas is Mega Flygon. Other popular suggestions include Mega Aegislash, Mega Dragonite, and – of course – another iteration of Mega Charizard.

One idea that does seem to be likely is Mega Eeveelutions. The Eeveelutions have a cult following in the Pokemon community and, based on when the last Eeveelution was introduced, it would make sense to see something surrounding them in Legends Z-A.

If you didn’t play Pokemon X & Y, this is the game that introduced Sylveon to the Pokemon world. We’ve not had any new Eeveelutions or changes to the group of popular Pokemon since then, but fans have been clamoring for a new one. Could this be the perfect opportunity?

Pokemon Legends Z-A will be taking place in Lumiose City, the fan-favorite location from X & Y. Both Eevee and Sylveon were spotted in the Legends Z-A trailer, which should provide some hope for fans of the Eeveelutions.

This idea seems to be popular with the community, too, with the suggestion for Mega Eeeveelutions popping up in a recent discussion on X. Other ideas that were suggested here include Mega Pikachu and Raichu, Mega Mimikyu, and Mega Vileplume.

At the time of writing, it has not been confirmed which Megas we’ll see in the game – this is purely speculation on our part. However, it’s fair to say that if we are going to get Mega Eeveelutions or a new Eeveelution for that matter, Z-A would be the perfect time to do it. If we don’t get them with this new game, it feels unlikely that we’ll ever see new ones.


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For now, why not check out the latest details about the upcoming game that were spotted in CoroCoro? There’s a lot to look forward to with Pokemon Legends Z-A, as it promises to be one of the most unique Pokemon games yet.

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