Dairy Queen customer goes viral after bringing his own bananas for banana split

Dairy Queen customer goes viral after bringing his own bananas for banana split

A man had TikTok split after he brought his own bananas to Dairy Queen to make his favorite ice cream. 

In a video that’s accumulated over one million views, we can see the man in question driving over to Dairy Queen, holding a bunch of bananas on his lap. 

According to a poll by StrawPollers, the banana split sold at the chain is one of their most popular ice creams. The man was disappointed however, as the past couple times he visited, they had run out of the most important ingredient. 

He pulled up to the drive thru, and asked workers “Can I get two banana splits?”

“I’m so sorry,” the worker replied. “I’m actually out of bananas.”

“Well, lucky you. I brought some bananas because the past three times, you’ve been out,” he said. “Will y’all use them?” he asked the worker. 

The whole thing was a total success, and ended on a high note, with the pair sat happily in the car with their banana splits. 

After the video was posted, people were cracking up over the whole scenario, with one person writing: “He said uno reverse.” 

“DQ was my first tax paying job. We used to love the wind breakers we’d get if we were sent for bananas,” another shared. 

“Dang I wanted to see the interaction when you gave her the bananas lol,” one said, clearly amused by the whole conversation.

One commenter, however, wasn’t convinced by the man’s ice cream hack, writing: “At that point buy your own ice cream and your own toppings, then make em’ big as you want for way cheaper.”

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