Deadpool & Wolverine’s Taylor Swift theory shut down, but fans aren’t convinced

Jessica Cullen

Deadpool & Wolverine’s Taylor Swift theory shut down, but fans aren’t convinced


Fans have been speculating about Taylor Swift appearing in Deadpool & Wolverine for a while, and although the rumor has been shut down, not everyone is convinced.

Deadpool & Wolverine is set to have a whole slew of cameos and variants running around the place. If you’ve appeared in a Marvel movie, odds are you’ve probably been slated to appear. But fresh faces are being tapped for the new movie too, and one is arguably the biggest popstar of all time, Taylor Swift.

But according to a new report by Entertainment Weekly, Swift won’t be appearing in the upcoming Marvel movie. The publication affirms that the superstar won’t join the long list of cameos, despite earlier rumors and speculation.

However, some moviegoers don’t want to fall for this particular claim. In fact, many are still convinced that this is all a plot, and that Swift will turn up in Deadpool & Wolverine in some way, shape or form.

“Why would they confirm any cameo in the movie? I mean it would be the most ridiculous thing in the world to confirm that she was in the film,” one X user pointed out.

“I feel like now she is definitely going to appear,” said another.

One user added (sarcastically): “Yeah, and Andrew Garfield wasn’t gonna be in Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

“I hope she is in the end credits just to troll everyone. Very on-brand for Deadpool,” another suggested.

Swift has been one of the names being thrown around since the superhero movie sequel was first announced. At first, fans theorized she was playing Dazzler, a super-powered popstar that Swift might eerily suit.

But the latest theory, that she was playing Lady Deadpool, was shut down after the most recent Deadpool & Wolverine trailer.

To find out if Swift’s cameo is just pure fantasy, head to theaters to watch Deadpool & Wolverine on July 25, 2024. For more superheroes, check out our guides to Spider-Man 4 and Captain America 4. Or, check out all the best movies of 2024 so far.


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