Destiny 2 Into the Light Falling Guillotine god roll for PvE & PvP

Destiny 2 Into the Light Falling Guillotine god roll for PvE & PvP

Falling Guillotine is a Void Sword in Destiny 2 that has returned with an updated perk pool alongside the Into the Light update. Here are the Falling Guillotine god rolls you should be hunting for PvE and PvP.

Falling Guillotine was first introduced in Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals. It is a descendant of the Dark Drinker exotic from the original Destiny and is one of the most popular weapons in the community.

As such, with the weapon returning in Into the Light with a variety of new meta perks, the hype surrounding this Sword is back. You can go for several rolls with this Sword depending on whether you want to have fun or use it in high-difficulty content.

However, these are god rolls you’ll want for PvP and PvE when farming for the Falling Guillotine in the Onslaught activity.

Destiny 2 Into the Light Falling Guillotine god roll for PvE & PvP

Falling Guillotine is a powerful option for PvP and PvE in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Best Falling Guillotine god roll for PvE

Before giving away the PvE god role, it is crucial to mention to give context for our decision. In PvE, Eager Edge is always a valuable choice since it gives movement options. However, there is the ‘Other Half’ Void Sword which also rolls Eager Edge.

If you are a new player, then getting Eager Edge here is still worth it, but for veterans, you probably have an Other Half with the Eager Edge perk already. Therefore if you are going for Falling Guillotine, you might as well farm for something that will help you with high-end content instead.

With that said, here is the god roll for Falling Guillotine that is most valuable in PvE:

Swords can be really good DPS options, especially in encounters like Crota from Crota’s End. Currently, the best Legendary Sword for DPS is Bequest which drops from Deep Stone Crypt and rolls with Surrounded.

However, if you do not have Bequest, you be looking for a second Legendary Sword to do the job instead. Falling guillotine with double DPS perks is the best alternative by far. Vorpal Weapon alone might not be as strong as Surrounded by itself but when combined with Bait and Switch it is an exceptional option providing a total damage boost of 40%.


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You can also go for Vorpal Weapon and Surrounded as another exceptional DPS choice although that is more situational and cannot always be triggered.

Best Falling Guillotine god roll for PvP

Swords aren’t the best options when playing in PvP. However, if you have a Sword you want to use it to close distance, shut down supers, or take down enemies with one or two strikes. In this case, there is one roll that will benefit you the most.

Here is the god roll for Falling Guillotine in PvP:

Eager Edge will allow you to close distance when playing in PvP and Vorpal is good at dealing against enemy Guardians standing in Well of Radiance or Titan Bubble. The current meta of PvP is dictated by defensive supers that are good at holding zones in Trials of Osiris and competitive Crucible, and Vorpal Weapon helps you deal with that.

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