Destiny 2 Into the Light revives the chase for weapons with Pokemon-like shinies

Destiny 2 Into the Light revives the chase for weapons with Pokemon-like shinies

Destiny 2 Into the Light has introduced a much-needed sense of chase back into the game with new cosmetic weapons to chase for a limited time.

A lot has changed in Destiny 2 over the years in terms of how Guardians acquire weapons. At launch, there weren’t even random rolls. Thankfully with Forsaken that was rectified, but even then the cadence and the intensity of the chase for god rolls has varied over the years. 

The biggest change was undoubtedly our ability to craft weapons, eliminating that chase for a god roll on a decent portion of weapons once you’d gotten all the patterns you needed. Because of that Destiny 2 has lost that, “I got it!” moment of euphoria that came with finding the roll you were after. For the most part, that’s now reserved exclusively for Raid Exotic drops. 

However, the Into the Light update has brought some of that thrill back, albeit in a different way. It’s not a chase for the best god roll in the Brave Arsenal – the new horde mode Onslaught is too giving for that. No, instead Bungie has struck gold by making it about vanity. 

When a weapon from the Brave Arsenal drops from a chest, it has a low chance of being a holofoil version of the gun – or as the community is calling it, a shiny. These weapons have an awesome-looking gold sheen and will grant players double perks on the weapon. 

The chase for these weapons is strong as they are quite rare – and even when they do drop, you have to hope that they do so with a good perk combination. However, the thrill of that grind brings back memories of when it was strongest in previous versions of Destiny 2’s past. 

Datto mirrored this too, remarking on Twitter: “I experienced being genuinely excited for a loot drop for the first time in probably 4+ years thanks to the holofoil (shiny) versions of weapons. Forgot what that was like.”

Making this more urgent, is the fact these weapon variants will go away with the launch of The Final Shape. If you want one, you need to start farming now. It’s great to have this kind of incentive back, and Bungie should continue to explore this avenue of chase built into limited-time grinds for cosmetic weapons.


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