Destiny 2 Into The Light’s Onslaught would be perfect with one crucial change

Destiny 2 Into The Light’s Onslaught would be perfect with one crucial change

Onslaught is a brand new Horde mode that was added as part of Destiny 2 Into the Light. This new mode has become popular largely thanks to all the loot incentives. However, it’s not perfect yet but with one big change, it could be.

The new Onslaught activity in Destiny 2 has a Normal version and a Legend version. There are a total of 50 waves of enemies, and for every 10 clears you receive valuable loot. This loot is the Brave Arsenal weapons that were introduced with Into the Light. In the normal version, you receive one chest for every 10 waves with two in the 50th wave.

In the Legend version, you receive two chests every 10 waves and three in the 50th wave. However, the Legend mode is a lot more difficult with no matchmaking and restricted respawns from the first wave. Therefore, with the increased difficulty, the increased rewards make sense, but it isn’t enough.

While the core of the activity is fun and rewarding, the way that Shiny Weapons are currently earned is preventing Onslaught from being Destiny’s best-ever activity.

Destiny 2 Legend Onslaught should reward a guaranteed shiny

Bungie needs to introduce a change where after 30 waves in Legend mode, the drop rate of shiny weapons increases massively. Then at 50 waves, players should receive a guaranteed Shiny drop for whatever weapon they have attuned.

The Legend version is difficult, so most casual players will end up failing long before 50 waves. As such, when it comes to Guardians who are dedicated and skilled enough to grind out this brutal activity, there should be an exclusive reward.

For me, Shiny weapons are a trip to nostalgia as it takes me back to a time when getting a specific piece of loot felt exciting. It reminds me of the days when it took me 85 looted Vault of Glass runs to receive the Vex Mythoclast. This feeling was lost ever since crafting was introduced as I knew I would have the gun after 5 weeks.


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Crafting removed the concept of looking forward to loot whenever I was jumping into a raid, dungeon, or seasonal activity. Shinies bring back that feeling once again as a 5/5 god roll dropping on one of these weapons makes me feel “Oh Yes, I got It!”

In case you are unaware, among the Brave Arsenal drops in Onslaught, there are two versions you can receive. One of them is a normal version, and the other is a Shiny version. The Shiny version has a very small drop rate, even in the Legend mode.

Shiny weapons are not like adept weapons as they do not offer additional stats. However, unlike the normal versions, shiny weapons are pre-masterworked and have two perks in the third and fourth columns. These rolls are still random but the extra perks given by the Shiny Versions drastically increase your chances of receiving a god roll.

They also come with a unique ornament that makes these weapons a lot nicer to look at. Additionally, what they offer is a feeling of achievement where the numerous hours of grinding to receive a god roll on a Shiny version feels worthwhile.

There is no doubt that Onslaught is the best loot-farming game mode since Menagerie. The weapons from Onslaught are some of the best in their class and this game mode by itself is fun and challenging. However, a guaranteed shiny will be a game changer as it will push the community to farm Legend Onslaught and make this game mode one of the most rewarding in Destiny 2’s history.

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