Destiny 2 player becomes first to complete Legend Onslaught solo

Destiny 2 player becomes first to complete Legend Onslaught solo

The Into the Light update has gone down very well with the Destiny 2 community, with many happy at how it has refreshed the game heading into The Final Shape. A big part of that is Onslaught and one player has seemingly mastered it already.

Onslaught is a new activity that tasks players with protecting an ADU as waves of enemies come to destroy it and up to three Guardians. In total, there are 50 waves to conquer and the final stages provide a significant challenge.

As with many Destiny 2 activities, Onslaught has both a Normal and Legend difficulty, with the latter proving tough for even full fireteams. Now, one player has reached new heights and foregone a squad entirely.

In a post on Twitter/X, Destiny player Xeneris confirmed that they had completed all 50 Onslaught waves on Legend difficulty, entirely solo. The achievement is deeply impressive, with add clear, high-damage output, and choke point management a difficult balance to strike, even with two or three players.

In total, the entire run took more than 90 minutes, with Xeneris able to claim a staggering 1676 kills in the process. In addition, a score of almost 30,000 will likely remain a record in the activity for some time to come.

The run was completed as a Hunter built into Void Shadowshot Deadfall. His loadout included Lucky Pants, Adept Warden’s Law, Indebted Kindness and the ever-reliable Gjallarhorn.

The Destiny API also confirms that Xeneris remains the only player to reach the milestone at the time of writing, underlining just how difficult it is.

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