Destiny community plead for more Prismatic options and major Rally Banner change

James Lynch

Destiny community plead for more Prismatic options and major Rally Banner change


The Final Shape has arguably marked the high point in Destiny 2’s history, blending innovative new gameplay features with an impressive storyline. As with all expansions, however, there are some issues, and players have been making their feelings known on social media.

One of the most common complaints comes in the form of Rally Banners. The addition of the Prismatic subclass brought with it the Transcendence gauge, but this bar isn’t filled by rallying. The reasons for this are unclear, but it is frustrating to some, as the highly upvoted Reddit post below makes clear.

What is your petty nitpick of Final Shape?
byu/Proudnoob4393 indestiny2

Others were quick to chime in with agreement. One said, “I originally came in here to comment about rally banners not filling the Prismatic gauge, but I see you beat me to it.”

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“Rally to the flag should fill up your Transcendence s**t too,” another added.

Prismatic also attracted general criticism. Though the community is pleased with its addition overall, there are individual elements that cause consternation. One pointed to the lack of melee options that it brings, saying, “I would like a transcendent melee ability. Like Celestial Fire, but it shot Void, Solar, and then Arc like the Two-Tailed Fox with catalyst.”

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“Maybe hunters could get a Threaded Spike that suppresses enemies. Titans could have a stasis gauntlet that also jolts enemies so they can punch while they punch. Something for the class abilities would be cool too, but IDK what.”

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Another added their desire for a different subclass, saying “I will also say Prismatic is fun but honestly doesn’t really add anything new other than more customization but limits what grenades you can use. Like, what’s that all about? They just need to add a third darkness subclass and throw in a new champion to shake up the gameplay.”

With at least three Episodes to work through, Prismatic will inevitably go through some changes. Whether that will include Rally Banner Transcendence is unclear, but it isn’t likely that players will see major new additions to the Prismatic toolkit in that time.


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