Diablo 4 players want improvements to pets in Season 5 update

Sam Smith

Diablo 4 players want improvements to pets in Season 5 update

Blizzard Entertainment

Pets were finally added to Diablo 4 during Season 4, but now players want to see this feature expanded when Season 5 hits.

Diablo 4 added pets to the game after over a year of it being out, much to player delight. These cute little critters such as dogs and cats don’t take part in combat, but they accompany the player, collecting gold and other resources to be helpful.

The pet system in Diablo 4 is very similar to Diablo 3, where they serve the same function – collecting gold and looking cute. They’re essentially just a garnish that saves you from running around and picking up gold once a hectic battle has ended.

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However, some players would like to see pets play a larger role in Season 5, and in the upcoming Vessel of Hatred DLC.

Diablo 4 players want improvements to pets in Season 5 update

Blizzard EntertainmentMeet Asheara, your loyal dog who’ll collect gold for you.

On Reddit, one player posted a very clear and reasonable request: “The dog should pick up animus in dungeons. That is all.”

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Others were quick to chime in with their own desires for pets in Diablo 4, with one saying: “The dog should also pick up potions” and “The dog should pick up everything/anything we want.”

Some players were slightly more ambitious and suggested that the pet system in Diablo 4 should be similar to Diablo Immortal’s, where the creature fights alongside the player and can be leveled.

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They drew extra attention to the pets that are being added to the game in the Vessel of Hatred DLC, such as the leopard pet, which could do some damage to monsters if pets were able to take part in battles. They said: “I saw the DLC is going to contain a leopard. Hopefully, that cat is less lazy and kills monsters for me.”

Other players poked fun at the suggestion and made their own recommendations, such as: “The dog should one-shot Uber Lilith” and “The dog should masterwork [items] for me and retrieve the newspaper.”

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The pets from Diablo 3 were never given more than the function of collecting gold while looking cute, but as Diablo Immortal created a system where they can fight alongside the player, anything is possible in future updates.


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Season 3 of Diablo 4 featured a pet creature that could fight for the player in the Seneschal companion. However, this little robot ally was removed when the season ended and is yet to return.

Its also worth pointing out that Diablo 4 is also adding mercenaries to the game in the DLC, so the player’s party is set to grow again.

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