Disney Dreamlight Valley needs more rides and they could be coming soon

Disney Dreamlight Valley needs more rides and they could be coming soon

Disney Dreamlight Valley is in desperate need of more theme park rides in its next update, and certain Star Path teasers could suggest they’re on their way.

When many think of Disney, two things usually come to mind – their beloved movies and their theme parks. In Disney Dreamlight Valley we have tons of adorable characters from the films and plenty of homages to such titles. Then, back in 2023, the game added in some unforgettable rides, from the Tower of Terror to the Haunted Mansion, and even the classic Teacups.

Now, just over a year later, it’s time for Gameloft to venture back into the theme park design and introduce more beloved rides.

To many, the Disney rides are one of the most pivotal aspects of Disney Dreamlight Valley. They help make the region a little happier and allow players to create some truly impressive Disney park designs, from the Mainstreet many know and love to their own beach-style theme park

However, with the Theme Park Star Path being available over a year ago, many players haven’t had the chance to unlock most of the current buildings, and those who have are inherently eager to expand or add their favorite rides to their Valleys.

Adding in more rides and revisiting previous ones would be a perfect way to give new and old players the chance to create the Disney park of their dreams. In fact, DDV is currently experimenting with previous Star Path items being placed in the Premium Shop so there’s always a chance.

Interestingly, there’s been a fair bit of speculation among the fanbase, with many members of the community theorizing on Reddit that more rides could be coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

It’s entirely likely that these theories do hold weight, after Gameloft teased a Popcorn Squirrel and a Pretzel Stand in their Star Path, suggesting more theme park designs coming our way. In fact, the same teaser shows a sparkle, car, and a dog. If you see the dog as a pet, you’ll quickly be able to put together carpet, all that needs to be added is the sparkle which could mean magic, and you have the Magic Carpet ride.

There’s no concrete proof of whether we’ll see more rides in the next update, but if Gameloft’s teasing means anything, there’s certainly a chance.

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