Disney Dreamlight Valley x Fallout crossover in epic creation

Disney Dreamlight Valley x Fallout crossover in epic creation

The success of the Fallout TV show has extended to Disney Dreamlight Valley after an epic home creation brought Vault 33 to life.

Creativity in Disney Dreamlight Valley knows no bounds, and players are quick to use inspiration from all their favorite Disney films or even the Disney Park itself. However, thanks to both the DreamSnaps competition and the release of new furniture, players have been designing some fantastic homages to their other loves, with the new Fallout TV show standing out as one of the most impressive creations.

One epic home creation by player Foxtrotveritas7 revealed seven different Fallout-inspired rooms that all look like they’re part of a vault. From a Reactor Room, classroom, bedroom, and even a mannequin-filled common room, it’s clear they’ve thought of everything.

Welcome to Vault Dreamlight – Update to my original Vault Room Design
byu/Foxtrotveritas7 inDreamlightValley

Thanks to the DreamSnaps competition, new furniture, clothing, and implementation of the Touch of Magic design tool, fans are able to come up with epic creations like these ones, bringing a little bit of Fallout to Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Although it’s likely better if Fallout stays as a design idea, rather than adding it into any story. Nevertheless, it’s clear the Fallout TV show has spanned much further than getting players back into Fallout 76 or guessing where Fallout 5 could be, and thankfully Disney Dreamlight Valley proves to be the perfect place to show off design talents and live in your second favorite game.

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