Disney Plus is introducing channels — and everyone’s saying the same thing

Disney Plus is introducing channels — and everyone’s saying the same thing

Disney Plus is making a major new change to its platform by introducing channels, and it has everyone making the same joke.

According to a new report by The Information, Disney Plus will be adding channels to its platform. This will include specific channels for certain branded content, including (but not limited to) Star Wars and Marvel, with suggestions that Pixar and classic Disney movies could get their own pathways on the streaming service, too.

This would fall under the Disney Plus subscription plan, but would also include ads, much like a traditional television model.

This would mimic similar services on other streaming platforms, such a Pluto or Tubi. According to the report, these channels would run 24/7, allowing viewers to tune-in at anytime and find popular branded content, similar to cable television.

In fact, the new model sounds so similar to cable television, that online responses can’t stop making jokes about how Disney has struck a new, clever way of sharing content. Which is, essentially, just how television used to be.

“But they were, all of them, deceived, for another Disney Channel was made,” wrote one X user. Another took a page out of Star Wars’ book, writing: “Somehow cable has returned.”

“One of the final, if not the ultimate, steps toward streaming just being cable again,” said a third.

Another comment said: “The whole point of streaming apps is to get away from cable, now that so many got rid of cable they want to force it back onto them so they can continue running ads. These people man.”

There’s no confirmation about this new system from Disney themselves, nor any information about when the new channel model drops on the platform.

However, this could mark a drastic change for not only Disney Plus’ operations, but streaming in general, as a constant stream of content similar to a classic TV model would ensure that subscribers would never have reason to click off the app.

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