Divisive Big Bang Theory plot officially gets its origin in Young Sheldon

Divisive Big Bang Theory plot officially gets its origin in Young Sheldon

An original Big Bang Theory plot that divided fan opinion has seemingly got its origin story in Young Sheldon — and it’s not a happy one.

Young Sheldon being inconsistent with original storylines set up in The Big Bang Theory is old news, but Meemaw’s change in character has finally been addressed in Season 7 of the prequel.

After losing her house and all of her belongings in the Medford tornado, Meemaw‘s total focus went into the running of her illegal gambling room at the back of the laundrette. However, Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 8 shows her on house arrest, completely losing her way in herself and her life.

Considered a flight risk after trying to run from the cops in Episode 7, police fit Meemaw with an ankle tag that only allows her to be 50 yards outside of Dale’s house. She’s currently awaiting sentencing, though it isn’t clear if we will see this in Episode 9.

Fans have often wondered why Meemaw’s personality changes so much between the two shows. In Young Sheldon, she’s known for her quick wit, firey personality, and light-hearted touch. By the time fans see her in TBBT — played by June Squibb — she’s cantankerous and in a foul mood with everything in life.

“I don’t think even Sheldon’s descriptions of her depicted her as just a sweet grandma. He would make comments along the way that said that she had a lot of spine to her. But, the relationship between Sheldon and Meemaw was one where she was very supportive of him and she did worry about him. Even when she first arrived at the airport and Sheldon and Leonard were picking her up, she put Sheldon in his place right then and there,” one fan posted on Reddit.

The change in actresses has historically been cited as the main reason for the shift, alongside the fact that Young Sheldon was developed long after TBBT was introduced. However, fans now have a solid storyline for the change.


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Young Sheldon Season 7 continues on CBS until May 16, 2024. Make sure to catch up with plenty more great TV shows to stream this month.

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