Dixie D’Amelio claps back at accusations of drug use after “chaotic” stream sparks concern

Dixie D’Amelio claps back at accusations of drug use after “chaotic” stream sparks concern

Dixie D’Amelio posted multiple videos responding to claims that she was using drugs during a live stream this April.

Fans grew concerned for TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio after the singer exhibited concerning behavior during an April 2024 live stream.

In the broadcast, Dixie could be heard speaking in a high-pitched voice while deciding how to organize her clothes.

Commenters speculated that Dixie was using drugs after witnessing her strange mannerisms. “She’s for sure on m***,” wrote one viewer. “You can see it in her eyes,” said another.

Fans’ accusations were so surprising that fellow TikToker NoahGlennCarter addressed the situation in a video that’s garnered over five million views at the time of writing.

“People are very concerned for Dixie D’Amelio after she acted very off in a recent live stream,” Noah said to his 8.8m followers in his now-viral TikTok.

Noah then alluded that fans thought Dixie may be “getting into certain things.” One of the top comments on a repost of Dixie’s stream stated, “It’s not snowing, it’s a whole blizzard.”

After Dixie took notice of Noah’s video, she clapped back by posting her own TikTok explaining how she didn’t find Noah’s accusations “cool” by any means.

Dixie then posted a second video to TikTok where she clarified, “I’m completely fine, I didn’t think I’d have to address anything. That’s why it’s so silly to me when people have a full story or narrative that they’re speaking about that isn’t even close to the truth.”

Noah then responded by making a second TikTok, as well. “I’m only making this because I got thousands of messages asking me to respond,” he said. He went on to say that he would be handling the situation “privately” with Dixie going forward.

This isn’t the first time fans have been worried for Dixie, though. During a live stream on April 1, she shocked fans by showing off a black eye she’d gotten during an accident at home after a night out drinking. Fans sparked an uproar about the situation, theorizing that Dixie’s injury was an ‘initiation into the Illuminati’ and only happened so she could collaborate with a beverage brand called MyMuse.


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Dixie responded to the claims by dismissing the theories by poking fun at her critics and promoting her MyMuse Passion drink in stores at Target.

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