Doctor Who fans “gutted” by controversial Season 14 ending

Kayla Harrington

Doctor Who fans “gutted” by controversial Season 14 ending


The finale for Doctor Who Season 14 may have answered one of the show’s biggest mysteries, but some fans were disappointed by the outcome.

After eight action-packed episodes, Doctor Who Season 14 saw the Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday end their adventures with a final standoff against their enemy Sutekh.

The finale ended up answering some of the overarching questions that were sprinkled across the season, with the biggest being the identity of Ruby’s mother.

And while the show did deliver the answer audiences have been waiting for, some fans found the end result to be quite disappointing.

Warning: Major Doctor Who spoilers ahead!

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The Season 14 finale revealed Ruby’s mother to be an ordinary woman named Louise who left her daughter on the steps of a church when she gave birth at 15 years old.

Louise’s identity has been the source of many Doctor Who Season 14 theories, as many fans believed she could be connected to Susan Twist or related to the Doctor himself.

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However, it turns out Ruby’s mother was only important to the Doctor, Sutekh, and the audience as a whole was due to the fact that everyone tends to “invest things with significance.”

Despite Ruby’s attempts to stay by the Doctor’s side on his next adventure, he ultimately convinces her to stay with her mother and recently discovered father during an incredibly emotional goodbye.

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However, while Doctor Who’s major reveal delivered heartfelt message to wrap things up for now, some viewers took issue with the anticlimactic stakes surrounding the identity of Ruby’s mom.

One fan posted a video of Homelander staring blankly at a screen on X/Twitter with the caption, “Doctor Who fans all over the country the minute pictures of a completely normal woman came up on screen.”

Another commented, “I’ve been a defender of this entire season but what a sh*t ending. Ruby’s mum is just… a woman? Why can she make snow? Why did the memory change? Why did Sutekh die when he was flung into the time vortex when that’s how he explicitly survived last time?”

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A third fan summed up the viewing experience of those who wanted more from the season finale with the post, “I love Millie Gibson, I love Ruby Sunday, I love Ncuti Gatwa and I will always love Doctor Who… but that series finale was so disappointing, I’m honestly gutted.”

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