Does Spy x Family Code: White have a post credits scene?

Does Spy x Family Code: White have a post credits scene?

The Forger family are infiltrating cinemas in Spy x Family Code: White, but besides the main mission, have they snuck in any extra footage for viewers?

Finally, Spy x Family Code: White is here, and once Loid and Yor complete their objectives, it’s all about what’s on the horizon. Besides what the main plot shows us, are there any other teases?

Spy x Family Code: White is one of the best anime movies of the year, providing a fun thriller that channels True Lies and Mission: Impossible to hugely entertaining results. (Check out our review for more.)

In particular, should you expect a post credits scene? And is it worth sticking around for?

Is there a Spy x Family Code: White a post-credits scene?

Yes, Spy x Family Code: White has a small scene after the credits are finished rolling.

The short scene arrives after the credits have fully finished, rather than mid-credits like you might be accustomed to with Marvel movies.

Of course, waiting through the credits is hardly a chore when you have music by composers Shuhei Mutsuki and Makoto Miyazaki as well as (K)now Name to listen to. Like the rest of the soundtrack, the closing credits are a fun, sprightly listen, with an ending theme befitting the popular franchise.

Once you’ve seen everyone who made the film happen, you get treated to a quick return to a dangling subplot you might have forgotten about. Warning: spoilers ahead!

What is the Spy x Family Code: White post-credits scene?

In the post-credits scene, Franky Franklin reappears after being sent on a mission to find cherry liqueur.

While the rest of the story happened and the family sourced some on their own, he managed to procure a bottle. Alas, Loid hasn’t been in touch, leaving Franky standing in the street at their rendezvous point freezing, waiting for his colleague who’s never coming. Oh dear!

It ends the film with a nice laugh, setting up another small thread to be addressed in the future. Right now, we don’t know what that future looks like, but keep an eye on our upcoming anime guide to see what else is coming soon.


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