Doritos launch new flavor perfect for all Baja Blast lovers

Doritos launch new flavor perfect for all Baja Blast lovers

Mountain Dew is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its ever-popular Baja Blast, and they’ve gone for a Doritos collab to mark the big event.

Anyone with tastebuds will know that Doritos and Mountain Dew is a love affair that will go down in history, so what happens when you combine the two? Doritos and Mountain Dew have launched new Doritos Baja Fiery Mango chips that will be available in all retail stores from April 28, but select stores will have them as early as April 14.

Not only that, but the Baja Blast flavor that was originally exclusive to Taco Bell will now be available in soda form in retail stores.

Rather than just have the Doritos taste like a Baja Blast drink, the brand explained that, “The team was particularly drawn to the mango habanero flavor combination, as it’s a proliferating flavor on menus and felt truer to Doritos brand and the flavor experiences Doritos consumers are seeking.”

This resulted in a chip that has the juiciness of a mango and the spiciness of fiery chili peppers.

The chips will come in three sizes: 9-ounce, 2.6-ounce, and club 18.3-ounce bags. The flavor will also be available via an eight-pack variety pack, which also includes Doritos Nacho Cheese and Doritos Cool Ranch.

And because it’s the big Baja birthday bash, the fun doesn’t stop there. With the purchase of any Baja product, fans can scan the packaging for the chance to win Doritos x Baja Blast merch.

If you don’t win though, don’t worry, Baja swag is available to buy online through their website and includes t-shirts, beach loungers, and even a limited edition Stanley Cup.

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