Dr Disrespect & Kick slam Twitch ads ruining Jynxzi’s streams

Dr Disrespect & Kick slam Twitch ads ruining Jynxzi’s streams

Dr Disrespect and Kick teamed up to unload on Twitch after multiple ads interrupted Jynxzi’s streams on the platform.

The rivalry between Dr Disrespect and Twitch remains one of the streaming world’s biggest mysteries ever since the two-time was suddenly permabanned from the platform back in 2020.

In the years since, Doc has never missed an opportunity to call out Twitch’s flaws. Rival platform Kick often roasts the purple site every chance it gets, too.

On April 17, both Dr Disrespect and Kick formed an impromptu alliance of sorts as Doc revealed that he was trying to watch Jynxzi’s Rainbow 6 Twitch broadcast – only for it to be ruined by nonstop ads.

“I just watched you lose to bronze and silver players and now I’m sitting through 7 ads at 30 seconds a pop,” the 6’8 YouTuber blasted, poking fun at the streamer and Twitch. “Let’s get it together, holy sh*t.”

Having to endure over three straight minutes of advertisements wasn’t a pleasant experience for the Doc, and has long been a controversial topic in the Twitch community. While ads can make streamers a lot of money, they are frequent and can make trying to watch a broadcast a major pain for viewers.

Mid-stream ads have been incredibly unpopular, with major names such as Asmongold rallying against them when they were first introduced a few years ago.

Following Doc’s attack, Kick also joined the fray, posting a screenshot from a broadcast where they were forced to sit through a whopping 37 ads.

“Can’t even conduct competitor analysis out here bruh,” the Kick X account replied.

The response to Dr Disrespect came as a surprise to one viewer who urged the two to work out a deal that would bring the two-time over to Kick.

Unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem like that is in the cards. While rumors of Doc moving from YouTube were swirling for a while, with the streamer requesting a $50M contract, Kick’s Head of Product Paulie Chianese claimed that the amount he wanted was just too much.


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That said, Doc may want to reconsider negotiations, especially if ads are such a big issue for him. His current platform, YouTube, just extended its crackdown on ad-blockers by targeting third-party apps.

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