Elden Ring: How to combat sleep

Elden Ring: How to combat sleep

Though it isn’t nearly as hazardous as Scarlet Rot, here are the best ways to prevent getting the sleep status in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring has no shortage of afflictions to slow the Tarnished down on their quest to become Elden Lord, but you wouldn’t think getting some sleep would be one of them. There isn’t any coffee in the Lands Between, so we’re here to help you find another way to stay awake.

Though sleep is a rare affliction in the base game, more of a tool for the Tarnished rather than a hindrance from enemies. With that said, the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC heavily suggests that Sleep will become more of a considerable problem.

How to cure sleep in Elden Ring

Two methods exist in Elden Ring to fend off the underestimated and deadly, yet rare, Sleep status affliction. If getting sleep is considered a bad thing in the Lands Between, no wonder everyone is on edge and attacking seemingly at random.

Sorcery Spell: Lucidity

Elden Ring: How to combat sleep

Those with a spare spell slot and intelligence can utilize the Lucidity sorcery to fend off Sleep as well as Frenzy buildup. Lucidity requires 17 intelligence and a staff to cast.

You can acquire Lucidity by following Ranni’s quest up to the point where she gives you the Carian Inverted Statue. Use this to flip the Carian Study Hall upside-down and defeat the hostile NPC inside. Preceptor Miriam will reward you with the sorcery.

Consumable: Stimulating Boluses

Elden Ring: How to combat sleep

Similar to Lucidity, the Stimulating Boluses alleviate Sleep buildup. You can craft Stimulating Boluses after purchasing the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (16) crafting kit from the merchant in Ainsel River for 2,500 runes. The recipe requires one of each crafting material: Cave Moss, a Slumbering Egg, and a Herba.

Stimulating Boluses are also found in the world:

Item Location
Stimulating Boluses Becomes purchasable from the Twin Maiden Husk after giving them the Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing.
Stimulating Boluses Two can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant on the coast in south-west Limgrave heading past the Coastal Cave.
Stimulating Boluses Found on a corpse inside a pit in Sellia Hideaway.
Stimulating Boluses One can be found on a corpse on the way to Nokstella, Eternal city

That’s everything we can advise on preventing Sleep in Elden Ring.

For more info on the Lands Between, we have a handy guide on everything you need to better prep yourself for the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, including how to defeat the mandatory boss to access it.

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