Elgato reveals budget-friendly Neo devices & they’re gorgeous

Elgato reveals budget-friendly Neo devices & they’re gorgeous

Elgato has just revealed its Neo lineup of accessories, all of which feature new designs, features, and a much lower price point.

Elgato’s popularity with Twitch streamers has skyrocketed over the years with devices like the Stream Deck, Prompter, and even their Wave line of microphones.

But, even its entry-level models like the Stream Deck MK.2 and existing Wave USB microphones come in at around $150.

Elgato has answered the call for budget products with its new Neo lineup on April 18, 2024, and they look gorgeous.

The new Neo family of devices features budget-friendly versions of the Facecam, Key Light, Stream Deck, a capture card, and even a new microphone.

Elgato’s most popular item — the Stream Deck — has been made smaller with just eight programmable buttons but the company has added a dedicated “info bar” to display static information like the time and weather. Beside it, you’ll find two touch points as a way to scroll between pages of icons or different profiles for work and content creation.

The Wave Neo has a design that’s never been used by Elgato before, with a pill-shaped body on top of a dedicated stand. It’s USB-C and works on just about any device you can imagine — including the iPhone and iPad.

Elgato gave the same “cozy” white design treatment to the Key Light Neo, Facecam Neo, and Game Capture Neo — all while offering quality products at a much lower price point.

Just how low, you ask? Each product in the Neo Family is roughly $50 lower than Elgato’s previously cheapest product in the same category. Knowing these, it’s safe to assume that the Facecam Neo price will be somewhere around $89.99 once that is revealed further.

Neo Family Similar product
Game Capture Neo – $119.00 HD60 X – $179.99
Wave Neo – $89.99 Wave 3 – $149.99
Stream Deck Neo – $99.99 Stream Deck MK.2 – $149.99
Key Light Neo – $89.99 Key Light Air – $129.99
Facecam Neo – TBA Facecam – $129.99

This makes each device way more accessible for not only Twitch streamers and YouTubers but also those who work from home daily. I regularly use my Stream Deck+ for keeping track of time zones and bringing different apps to the foreground while working all day.


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